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STEP 1. Women figures always reveal smooth and beautiful soft shapes here; when compared with masculine men. Some of the common symbols for women are breasts, long hair and slim figures. 1) Depict the pose you want to establish. Start by drawing in with basis circles and square lines as the sample picture shows here. This will create a foundation to place important feminine features. 2) Sketch out the body line according the 1) sketch line pose. 3) The naked women figure you should be ending up with. 4 )Remove all the sketchy lines here, showing the body line. 5) Draw all the detail following the body line as the sample shows. 6) Finished.   STEP 2. Here the tutorial shows how to draw the female's eyes in 2 angle. 1-6 = 1) Start drawing the basic eye shape as the sample shows here, 2) Add a line above the eye shape (this is the eyelid.) Larger eyelids applie for more sexier women, 3) Draw an eyeball, 4) Remove the extra guideline for the eyeball (5) Draw the eye brown as the direction shows then add more detail 6) ~7) done. 1-3 = Here's a side view for the woman's eye.1) Draw a guide line as the sample shows here. Then, start adding important features for the eye to create a closer resemblance to a feminine eye. 2) Sketch the lashes and eye sparkle white. 3) With initial shading and details, you're finally to completion.   STEP 3. Here is a very helpful breakdown on drawing the lips for your female characters. You'll be needing to understand the size of lips as well as how big of a mouth your woman has. Follow the procedure above and study on how it should be pursued.   STEP 4. Here is another awesome tip that will give you a study of various lips that can acquaint you on your artistic endeavors. Observe the different mouths and see what would fit for your feminine face(s).   STEP 5. Feminine noses are very soft and somewhat narrow. Reference from model's faces and see what makes them beautiful. Common features are face shapes, noses, eyes, and their authentically gorgeous hair. The shapes I give you to the left, will guide you on the very basic nose shapes/views. Take these steps and use them to your advantage.   STEP 6. Ears play a huge part for characters. Adding earrings and other jewelry will accentuate a more feminine look to your females.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.