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STEP 1. Think about the sexy poses from wherever the inspiration may spurt from, and start by drawing preliminary sketches for the poses. By creating basic essential shapes, you're really creating base foundations for your characters. Sexy women have lots of curves as well as appealing features like shapely breasts, hips, firm waists and bottoms. Start off by drawing circles for the heads, and then draw out the square shapes for the bodies. Create the helpful guidelines for the face placement so you'll achieve more symmetrical faces. I drew a few different angles for this tut to show several possibilities for sexy females.   STEP 2. Now, we may begin sketching out the form of the female bodies in order to create sexiness xD. Take your time and keep a steady hand for drawing the figures. Also, never spend too much time in one area, or you'll result in mistakes by distressing your eyes.   STEP 3. Erase the guides for the bodies you drew in step one and get ready for a few finalizing details.   STEP 4. Begin by adding the clothing you'd like to see on your figures. This may be time consuming due to clothing being very stubborn to draw. I have a tutorial on "how to draw female clothes" in my tutorial gallery. Visit my profile to view it!   STEP 5. With completion of adding clothes, you should result with very sexy women!   STEP 6. Here's a very naive sexy girl that is most seen in Ecchi Anime or films that include characters such as this. You must always start off with your basic body skeleton to lay down the motion for your character. Move onto drawing the frame of the body, adding soft and delicate features to portray a shy female character.   STEP 7. Here's a great example of a blunt female sexy character that would fit for a super heroine. This person reminds me more of a 'Tsunade' than a naive girl like 'Hinata'. Evaluate which type of model you'd like to see for the 'line of motion'. Establish that pose on paper and move onto drawing the body's frame. Finish off by drawing the desired clothing and you have yourself a striking girl!   STEP 8. 1, Start with the basis sketch for the body's skeleton (known as the line of motion). Start with a simple line and shape for head , upper body , lower body , arms and legs. This is a laying sexy pose for a character trying to seduce their mate on a beach or bed. 2, I added the center line for her body. The breasts must be balanced, using the guide line. When drawing a female laying on her side, gravity will act on her breasts, pushing them downwards/sideways. This step can be a little tricky, but with patience, you'll achieve a gorgeous pose! 3, clean up your drawing and proceed onto 4, adding clothes. You don't want a totally naked chick!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.