How to Draw Breasts

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STEP 1. Breast is a symbol for a women, some of the women very care about their breast's size, but I prefer not-be-too big size for the woman's breasts, go to take a look the some sample A~E here.   STEP 2. No. A is about the size for younger females at about 10~13 years old. No.B is about the accelerated growth of breasts for ages 16 - and up. No. C Is about the Adult female 's breast size, it is sexy and pretty, also seen on most celebrities/cartoons. No D is seen mostly on heroines and powerful characters. They also fit for super sexy females. No.E Very exaggerated, therefore unfitting for the frame of the body. Larger breasts at this stage require larger body frames rather it be chunky or fat. I don't recommend drawing breasts at this size since it's TOO exaggerated...   STEP 3. Start by drawing a foundation for the body figures you're trying to draw. Begin by drawing circles for the heads, and then draw out the square framed bodies. Add the center 'line of motion' on the body as its vertebral. For the upper square body, added 2 circles as the woman's breasts like the picture shows here, try to sketch in different angle and think about 3D here.   STEP 4. Sketching the body line as the sample picture shows here.   STEP 5. After erasing the sketchy lines, you can see different angle look of the breasts part here. Remember, gravity will always act on the human body, therefore acting on the breasts. Think of the poses and how gravity will act before you pursue drawing it.   STEP 6. Now I'm using the No.A as my model to sketch out the body line and showing the final drawing here.   STEP 7. Now I show 6 different angles of female poses here in basis shapes for the body frames. Think about the gravity we talked about before, and how they will act on your females.   STEP 8. Then, move onto details accordingly to practice your skills for drawing a female torso.   STEP 9. Follow the body line to sketch out the detail like faces, clothing. hair and etc.   STEP 10. With cleaned up lines, you're totally done! I hope this lesson helped!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.