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STEP 1. To draw the body, it is best to begin by defining the position and perspective head. Later you have to define the height of the eyes, nose, mouth and chin to complete the perspective.   STEP 2. After drawing the head, the second step is to define the torso to the hips. It is the central part of the body, and to define the position, one must know the position of the spine. Subsequently, the shoulder height and then define the position of the arms. To facilitate the location, it is best to mark the article do, shoulders, elbows, hands and fingers to define the position of all of them.   STEP 3. When the head and torso are defined, the next step are the legs. We must follow the same procedure as in the previous step, mark the points of articulation in the hips and knees. And this is how the body structure is complete.   STEP 4. Must define the contours of the body. Generally, the female body is composed of curved lines and soft, especially in shoulders, hips and breasts. The hands are small with thin fingers For the face, big eyes. To be feminine, you have to draw big lashes, especially on the top.   STEP 5. When the body and the words are already defined, the next step is the hair. To make the hair can build on a photo. In this process we imagine that we are hairdressers. Volumizing hair must be taken into account the point of light marking a small shiny hair, we will give that volume.   STEP 6. The last thing is to dress the body as you want.   STEP 7. Retouch those areas that have not been in proportion to the rest of the body. This is how a female body in manga style.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.