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STEP 1. We're starting with four faces. Draw the four circles and guidelines to help sketch in the facial features. When talking about sketching, you can do quick pencil strokes. Do the strokes lightly, please. And try to stay as close as possible with these shapes. It'll help with your drawings accuracy.   STEP 2. Now you've gotten the facial position and mass with the circles and guidelines, draw the lower jaw area and the upper lids of the eyes.   STEP 3. The wonderful thing about those guidelines that look like satellite antennae is they help with perspective and placing the facial features. You can put in the lower lids and iris of their eyes. The nose goes at the bottom of the circle. Now start drawing their mouths on that bottom horizontal line. You can do either one face at a time or one facial feature at a time.   STEP 4. We're doing pretty good at this point. Your guidelines are shaping into an actual face. Damon has those wonderful expressive eyebrows. Go ahead and draw place mark for them. No details yet. You can now start on the rest of his mouth, neck and ears. Do the same thing for Elena, who is Damon's inspiration to do better.   STEP 5. As mentioned, this is a sketch so keep drawing, molding your faces. You'll see red on their jaws, eyebrows, eyes...just about everywhere. I'm constantly tweaking to make the faces look more like the characters. Don't be shocked by all those red lines. They represent shaded areas and if you use light strokes, you can follow the direction of the lines. Watch the hair. It covers above the guideline circle. And look at the different direction the hair goes. That'll help your picture look more alive. And Damon is one live firecracker! Observe Elena's hair. Try to draw those curly masses fast. It'll be fun to see what you come up with.   STEP 6. Here are some tidbits about the expressive eye. First, when the eye is relaxed the upper lid covers part of the iris. Then when someone expresses shock or surprise, the eyes widen to expose all of the iris as pictured. The gal's eyes looking up from under her curls looks sultry. A sad or tearful expression is with eyebrows slanted up to bridge of nose and eyes narrowed--poor kid. The elder guy with eyes at side view is smiling. The lines at outer corner of eyes crinkle, suggesting laughter or smiling. Protruding skin above the last guy's eyes above the upper eyelids and furrow between the eyes express frowning or anger.   STEP 7. Mouths can tip off what a person is feeling. It changes with the expression of the face. The nose and mouth work together. The shading and highlights are consistent. Plus the concave and convex areas above the upper lip extend to the nose. Try sketching any subject. Your family, pedestrians, classmates, babies, adults, children. You will become more courageous and confident at drawing. Sketch fast, look at the subject more than your paper. Start off with basic shapes and guidelines and draw away!   STEP 8. Now you've sketched to your heart's content. Your drawing should have a sketchy feel to it. Quick, lots of lines to mold the drawing. Whether or not your drawing looks like this, you've learned some techniques that'll help you. So go ahead and erase those pesky guidelines and take a long hard look at your drawing. You've accomplished something! Be proud, my friend.   STEP 9. You've rested. Now darken Damon's face that's in the shadows. Don't worry about covering up some of his eye. Remember on the left side, facing us, part of his lower lid is hit by light so get that special effect with your kneaded eraser. I say Damon has "tulip lips." Be careful with them, make them look attractive. That's right, it's looking good! Elena is a little coy looking up like that with her bouncing curls. While you sketch, draw, paint or even render... let your picture tell the story. Emotions is a good way to reflect with facial expressions.   STEP 10. EXPRESSIONS: 1st Pic-Damon is squinting in the sun looking at the beautiful Elena. 2nd Pic-Elena does a curtsy and looks at Damon from beneath her eyelids. 3rd pic-Damon is in the darkened Mystic Grill and Bar and gets a rebuttal from Elena who says, "Don't give me that flirty look. Don't make me regret being your friend." 4th pic-Damon jokingly says, "I'm not giving you that look." I hope you all have enjoyed this tutorial with me. Thanks so much for taking the time out. Let me know what you think!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.