How to Draw Emmett Cullen

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STEP 1. Once again we have the famous oval and guidelines for the face. The horizontal line helps line up the eyes. And the vertical line helps divide the face into two sections.   STEP 2. Now you're drawing in more features. Please try to draw these as close as possible. You can have stray lines. Do the upper eyelid and nose. You can also add his jaw lines.   STEP 3. Put a place mark for his eyebrows with no details. Add the eyes with pupils, which will look like a small crescent moon lying down. Also do the lower eyelids and upper mouth. Add the neck, which shows Emmett's powerful features.   STEP 4. Emmett is forming right before your eyes. Add his upper eyelids lower marks below the eyelid. Fill in his nostrils. Draw in his philtrum (that groove between nose and lip, along with his lower lip area. Yes, Emmett has dimples, that little dent in his right cheek facing us. Don't forget to add the tee-shirt, collar and shoulder.   STEP 5. You can fill in his eyebrows, but stroke the hairs in. Don't make them totally red like guidelines. I've put red lines in a direction so you can shade it, stroking that way. Observe his lower lips and how the tiny lines are placed. That gives great details and texture. Emmett's hair is short with some curls for swirls! Add his eyebrows, shading to eyes, ears, hair, lines to his neck and tee-shirt.   STEP 6. Here's the pencil sample of what you're drawing. See how the strokes go in a certain direction. That's important. Now you're adding texture and shading. Fill in those lips with the tiny lines. You can always erase or highlight with your trusty rubber kneaded eraser.   STEP 7. Yes! Rub your hands and say, "Finally, I can erase those guidelines"! Now you can add more shadings and hair. Keep going darker and darker on the hair. Try taking a blending stump and blend with its flat side. Check out how much more realistic your hair appears. Keep stroking as if each one is a hair strand or two. If you want to do a dark background like in the next picture's step, do it with a graphite crayon at 9B!   STEP 8. Here's the end result of all your work. I hope you'll be able to upload your picture here. I've got another tidbit for you. Vellum paper is WONDERFUL. It's so easy to shade with and the pencil goes on faster. Try it! It's a little see through, but who cares. The end result is fantastic. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, Peace and Love!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.