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STEP 1. Here is a prepped piece I sketched up on paper. There are two common ways to draw a mouse. 1. Is the realistic way (which is actually much harder than a cartoon) and 2. Is the cartoon way of drawing mice. You basically take a few elements from a realistic mouse and slap it on in a more simplistic and cartoony style. This method is used ALL the time! In my example of the realistic mouse, I've made the snout very narrow and small, since mice have tiny snouts and large squinted eyes.   STEP 2. Haha, this was a pretty fun tip to create, since I LOVE to draw feet and bony legs for animals! A realistic mouse have bony and skinny toes and legs. Their finger as well as toes, are usually curled and long. They have little pads beneath the toes/fingers. My sketch seems to only have 3 toes when mice have 5 (isn't it weird how lots of animals have 5 freakin fingers and toes relative to humans?!). Below the legs are simplified hands of mice. As you can see, there are only four fingers visible since I've made them simpler.   STEP 3. Another example of drawing mice is the little cute noses (for cartoon mice). The snout of a real mouse is a bit more simple and subtle with the shape of the lips/nose. The nose and lips are more connected to the overall snout than a cartoon mouse. There are diverse ways to draw the snout of mice; to the left is a super scary beast looking nose/teeth! (I know the nose is weird looking ^^').   STEP 4. These are the two preliminary sketches I've came up with before making a finalized sketch for the actual drawing part of the tutorial. I was tempted to use the mouse to the left since it looked so sweet and innocent. I've finally made my choice and used the mouse to the right. When you sketch something, sketch a variety of poses so you strike a lucky shot to create a finalized piece. As you can see, I jotted down two to get warmed up and used to the feeling of an energetic and cute mouseh! If you guessed I drew the left critter first, you're right!   STEP 5. Alright, for the drawing aspect of the tutorial, let's draw the basic guidelines to draw our mouse. Get yourself a compass to draw the circle accurately. Remember, drawing these guides as accurate as possible counts!   STEP 6. Now it's time to shape up the frame of the face for our cute mouse. Take your time and estimate exactly where to place these lines around the guides.   STEP 7. Next, work on the inner facial details like the eyes and the upside down "3" for the mouth. The body should be drawn first before you add the arms.   STEP 8. Then, work on essential details to spark up the mouse drawing! You can customize your own hairstyle for the top of the head, just so the mouse doesn't look so "bald". Add extra detailing to the ears and the hands and feet! Don't forget the lower lip and teeth.   STEP 9. Lastly, shade in the eyes and the curled tail! Finish off with drawing details like the whiskers and the lining beneath the feet.   STEP 10. With initial line clean ups, tweaks, and maybe even shading, you'll have a nice looking mouse! Try to make your mouse drawing a bit similar to this one. I would recommend to use Prismacolor Black for rich dark and smooth lines. I had lots of fun with this drawing tutorial, folks! Thank you so much for viewing and I hope you had fun!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.