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STEP 1. Here are several hands I've previously sketched to provide you a general idea. It's best to take a glimpse of your hand to get ideas for poses. Hand poses vary on the type of character, emotion, and characteristics that persuade your character(s). It also takes time to learn to draw hands as they are very hard to recreate in different views. Get a book all on hand pose references, and practice two a day. This should saddle you with general ideas for use later on.   STEP 2. Here are two types of fingers to portray the male and female hands. In real life, male hands/fingers are more boxed and thicker. Men have stronger and work efficient bones than females do. Flip-sided, the female hand/fingers are thinner and more feminine. Do you know any girl with massive man hands?   STEP 3. There's several ways to draw the wrinkles that lay in the joints of fingers. You can spot these wrinkles at the three joints of your finger(s). Experiment and let the sketchiness mash with you.   STEP 4. Here's an example of female hands; they are noticeably thin and less detailed compared to that of a man's hand. These would look great with cute and spontaneous characters, or just simple strange/silent girls. (I know that her face is quite scary xD)   STEP 5. This is totally my favorite sketch; I love characters with large torsos and thinner lower bodies. For some reason, it makes characters seem like a cobra, poisonous and cunning. Observe on how the hands are used effectively with this figure. See how they twist and turn in a creepy binding?   STEP 6. Alright, before we move onto drawing the actual hands, we must draw the basic foundation for them which is important. The hand is made up of a box for the palm/fingers and a large portion for the thumb, completing the palm.   STEP 7. Then, we draw the spurts of fingers and wrists. The wrist has a 'ulna' which is basically a protruding bump at the left/right side of the wrist. This is seen on all genders/sizes of people.   STEP 8. Lastly, we finish off the fingers and extra detailing to the hands. Adding finger nails, joint creases, and hints of the bones.   STEP 9. With additional shading and touch ups, you should have something resulting with this. Remember, take your time and practice practice practice! It takes lots of patience and can be tedious work. Thanks for viewing my tutorial and I hope you've learned a lot on "how to sketch hands"!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.