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STEP 1. First of all we'll be diving this tutorial into two types the head and the body! As seen from different basic tutorials from this site I'll just be giving a run down for this tutorial so that you may have an idea on how to make your cute girl/bishoujo.   STEP 2. Let's first discuss about the head! the head is the most essential piece on making a character!xD well self-explanatory. lol. in this example there are three types of cute girls you can create: Bubbly/energetic: these are the most common among the cute girls/bishoujo! their personalities are most like the cutesy-cutesy type, they're friendly and gullible and can act childish most of the time Shy/Smart: Shy, self-explanatory they're the people who are most likely to be loners in the bunch, but can be found cute because of their shyness Smart, people who are most likely to have glasses, once you've drawn a character with glasses it's considered smart/intelligent looking, can look cute because of their appearance(glasses LOL) Tough/Boyish: Tough, are mostly the girls with a high level of attitude and personality, they are so out strong but most likely when gotten to their weakness they can act shy and embarrassed by it.also known as tsundere Boyish, acts likes a boy, these are the athletic ones who are always hanging out with guys, can get girly at some occasions but doesn't often shows it.   STEP 3. let's talk about the hairstyle! there are a lot of different hairstyles out there but I'll just cover the basic ones for now LOL   STEP 4. Normal: these are the types that is straight and has volume, it has an uneven end on it's strands, common of all hairstyles that are used are straight! long or short   STEP 5. curly hairs: mostly used for rich and popular cute girls in anime series, it can vary from super curly to mild curly, this one has big curls which gives it a nice volume look!   STEP 6. Wavy: it's a combination of straight and curly xD mostly used for characters that gives off a sweet and gentle feeling :)   STEP 7. Fly-away/Spikey: Mostly used for boyish types of cute girls or the mischievous types xD these are mostly short hairs and has less volume than the previous hairstyles   STEP 8. Straight: mostly used for the loners or the scary type of cute girls, it has no volume at all and has even and straight line cuts!:3   STEP 9. now that we're done with the basic hairstyles you can also apply those to ponytails! :D   STEP 10. Let's talk about eyes! it's the most essential in making up a character since this will be based on her personality let's start off with normal type. it is usually drawn like a window,that has an arc above and has shorter straight lines at the bottom, their pupils are usually oblong shaped like, that emphasizes a lot which usually expresses their emotions, big eyes usually indicates they're cheerful and energetic, most common on childish-type and boyish-types which are both energetic.   STEP 11. Tsundere/Tough Eyes: This type of eyes gives a more fierceness to the character, that says that they're very upfront and strict, guys are mostly scared of this character but are easily loved and considered cute with with their tough appearance on the outside but cute and soft like core xD in this tutorial I've drawn a square which has a an arc shape above and a pointed shape on it's end, while below,the eyelids, are usually shorter lines than the one above, their pupils are usually square like that fits perfectly xD   STEP 12. Gentle-eyes: these are usually used by the gentle,sweet,quiet and shy type of cute girls/bishoujo. it's made up the combination of normal and tsundere type of eyes but has a softer look, it's square like the tsundere type but unlike the tsundere type it doesn't have a pointed tip at the end but more like the normal type's soft arc end, the same method goes to the bottom a straight line like the tsundere. Their pupils are like the tsundere square-ish type.   STEP 13. Body: Cute girls have slimmer and slender bodies unlike all girls, they're much more fragile and has childlike appearance except for the chest part LOL Normal: in this sample,it's usually used by the Childish/Girly types mostly have short skirts that usually moves with the wind, the type they usually wear has patterns of stars,hearts, and different types of cute stuffs you can imagine, if you think about pastel colors especially pink!!! that's the type they wear   STEP 14. Boyish Types: it's usually worn by the boyish/tomboys kind of cute girls, they mostly wear short shorts lol xD and loose shirts that has numbers,sports like patterns, and anything boyish you could have imagine.   STEP 15. Tsundere: they usually wear cute stuff as well but keeps it to a minumum,their posture is usually strict and high top, you usually see them with their hands cross on their chest when talking, this will usually be the tsundere or the rich or popular cute girls   STEP 16. Gentle Type: They usually have this posture and a gentle feel into it, they usually wear long skirts that are conservative. You will usually see these types with gentle/shy/loner   STEP 17. Now let's put that all together to make a cute girl! here's the first step you'll be making! create your sketch first!   STEP 18. in drawing a figure it is best to draw first a stickman! that way you can experiment some pose that are too darn difficult to draw! then just follow the stickman by emphasizing the body parts   STEP 19. just simply trace over your sketch draw the dress that you want to put in your character, can you guess which type of cute girl this is?:3 I'll teach you how to do the skirt thing in another tutorial   STEP 20. Now to draw the head! as seen from the previous steps we already discussed on how to draw the eyes just put the eyes in the middle of the head then place the nose in the middle, then for the mouth just simple draw a half circle for it's smiling face :)   STEP 21. now for the hair! just simple trace around the head for it's form! :) you can just simply draw whatever hairstyle that comes to your mind xD just give it light strokes downward to make it easier :3 and for the ponytails just stroke it upward :D I'll give you a more detailed tutorial for the hairs! since in this tutorial is all about cute girls so i'll mainly discuss about that as a whole   STEP 22. now we're done with the line art! just remove the sketch layer of your drawing then create a group layer for the coloring! :) Tip: I used Ink pen for this line art on paint tool sai which is kinda like a pencil! it gives you the thin strokes that will make the picture a lot softer in the process of coloring   STEP 23. Color the base!it has to be under the line art layer! I'm using paint tool sai so when coloring I use the pen tool size 14 that is really handy for the nooks and cranny of the picture! and very useful tip! when using paint tool sai it's very to color since all you have to do is trace around the picture then use bucket in the middle, just make sure there are no holes when coloring the sides of the picture so it won't spill out xD useful trick for that just hide the first layer and see if there are any holes or such that can leak when you use bucket xD   STEP 24. let me just tell you what the layers will look like in order! I've just grouped them in one folder same with the group folder of line art! as you can see the colors are under the layer :3 I also labeled them! so that I won't get confused on whichever colors that I'm coloring with! layers are so helpful especially if you don't want to mix colors up like the color for the hair can be mixed up with the skin if it's on a flat layer Dx which will leave you with a total mess! so reminder! please use layers!!! D8   STEP 25. now coloring the eyes! use a much darker color than the base for the half of the eye! here's a sample of what am I talking about. the White spots are the cause of the light source :3   STEP 26. Now for the skin! I've used shades of oranges for the skin's shade :3 it looks nice right? and it pops out more when you use pale yellow as your base :D don't forget where your light source is okay? and for the rest of the base,if you're having a hard time shading and you're on photoshop just a quick tip you can use the multiply option that is located on the top just switch the "normal" option to multiply! this allows your base color to darken and play with the density so that you can achieve on what shade you want :3 the more you stroke the with the setting multiply on the brush the more it darkens! and add another layer for the hair change the setting of the layer to overlay and use pen for the higlights just choose the color white :3 it automatically blends with the hair xD   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19. Step 20. Step 21. Step 22. Step 23. Step 24. Step 25. Step 26.