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STEP 1. First, like always, we're going to start off with a frame that will act as our base for the body and help us pose our figure for our drawing. And since we're drawing a chibi, we'll use a big circle for the head instead of one that is better proportioned to the size of the body.   STEP 2. Next we're going to add on the body mass, fleshing out the frame to make it look more like a body. We'll include the shape of the hands as well as the ears in this step. We're also going to give Harry his little buddy Hedwig so we'll add a body shape here for her. For her we'll use a bean like shape with two ovals coming from the center of the back for wings so it kind of ends up looking like a cartoony berry or apple.   STEP 3. Then we're going to map out his face. Notice how I'm not adding the glasses quite yet. Adding them at this point would make it hard to get the features right and things could end up unbalanced. Don't forget the scar, it's not perfectly centered, it's off to one side slightly above the eye.   STEP 4. In this step we'll add his hair and his glasses. His hair, or as far as I could recall, has never been neat so we'll give him a messy hairdo.   STEP 5. Since we can't have him naked, in this step we're going to give him some clothes. Sneakers, a pair of pants, his robe, his 'H' sweater and a scarf.   STEP 6. And lastly we're going to finish off Hedwig and give harry a wand. We'll keep the shape the same and we'll start with her face. It's sort of 'V' shaped, but curves off to the sides at the top, the bottom of the V forming her beak. We'll add her tail and give her feathers on her wings. And since she's a snowy owl, we'll put little spots on her chest.   STEP 7. Then you just have to outline all your details and you're all set to color your chibi Harry Potter! Don't forget to post how your's came out, I'd love to see the results!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.