How to Draw Robert Pattinson

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STEP 1. Sketch to form your oval of *sigh* Edward, lightly. Sorry, I just get that way when I draw him. Make sure you do the oval at this angle. Get those vertical and horizontal lines in too.   STEP 2. Draw in his eyes and nose, with nostrils. You're doing great. Sketch in these features lightly, like you've done with the guidelines.   STEP 3. Draw in placements for Edward's eyebrows. Make sure you do his iris and make the pupils like a crescent moon. Get a head start on that shadow on the right side of his nose. Sketch in the frame of his face and that strong jawline. Get his neck and shoulder. The drawing seems to be at a strange angle only because the camera took his picture that way. Don't worry. After awhile, everything will come together.   STEP 4. Finally you're closer to completing his facial features. Get in his upper and lower eyelids. And take your time drawing his perfect lips, as Bella would say. *wink* Make sure you get the fold lines in the t-shirt. I find drawing clothes and their textures is like doing a whole other personality.   STEP 5. Edward is looking more like Edward. And if he doesn't in your picture, don't fret. Clap if your picture looks like a person because you're learning how to draw and it should be fun. Work in Edward's fine hair, strand by strand. I betcha it's soft. Feather in his eyebrows and shade in those pretty eyes. Don't worry about all those red lines. They represent shaded areas you need to focus on. Either shade in small tiny circles or light angled strokes in direction of red marks. Then blend with a stump, tissue, Q-tip... whatever you get your hands on. See the transformation!   STEP 6. Your picture may look something like this in pencil. Did you erase the guidelines early on? If not, go ahead and erase them now. Now shade in Edward some more and work in more shadows and highlights in his hair face, neck and t-shirt. If you want to work on one area at a time, do it! Do what's most comfortable for you.   STEP 7. Oh My Goodness! Your picture looks like a real person! Take a deep breath, rest a moment. Sit down from all your leaping and know you have created Edward. Whether it looks like my picture or different. You have successfully, completed this picture. Now for the real addicts or challengers, you can try to do the background in the next step.   STEP 8. You've diligently and carefully shaded, added highlights, tweaked to make your Edward picture appear the same or close to this one. Now you're ready to do the background. Take your time, do some or do all. I've put this picture here so you can look at it without going up and down in this tutorial. I hope you've had fun and will keep on drawing from my tutorials. Thank you!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.