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STEP 1. Start out with the oval. Make it slant toward the left (these guides remind me of "AI", Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence or even "I Robot"). Sketch light the vertical and horizontal lines. Remember, they're not totally straight, they bow a bit.   STEP 2. Draw in Renesmee's upper eyes and lower nose.   STEP 3. Remember that robot girl in "AI"? That's what this guide picture reminds me of. Okay, get the eyebrow placements in. Draw in the irises with crescent moon pupils. Also don't forget to add her lower face and jaw frame, along with her neck and shoulder.   STEP 4. Sketch in her upper and lower eyelids. Don't forget about her long, lovely lashes. Draw in her lips and stay as close to the way this picture looks. Even add that little ear poking out on the right side of her face. Now you can add her chain and upper sleeves.   STEP 5. Now you're starting on detailing Renesmee. You'll be adding tone and texture, making her look even more realistic. Come on, it's looking great already. Shade in small circles, add hair and fluff, then accent her beautiful eyes. Make sure you leave highlights in her eyes. They are sparkely.   STEP 6. Go ahead and erase those guidelines. I wouldn't be surprised if they started to blend in with the picture. Okay, see how in my picture the shaded hair area on the left isn't complete. It looks smudgy. That's because I'm working on the drawing layer by layer. Each step I darken more. Take your time gently add layers of darkness, feather in her eyebrows slightly more and stroke in some more lashes.   STEP 7. Don't you just love this girl's eyes and hair. Work carefully as you darken. Also lighten in areas needed with your rubber kneaded eraser. Her hair is amazing! Work in the curls and waves a bit at a time. Don't get lost in the pattern. If you have to section each hair area at a time, do it. I get distracted like that and have to focus. You can do it too.   STEP 8. Like the little engine that said, "I think I can, I think I can," up the hill, you can too. As you can see, you've added more shading, and darkened her hair on the left side. Gave shine to her lips. And made those eyes sparkle. You have climbed that hill and can coast down to the bottom. Your patience and hard work has paid off. Let me know about your needs, successess and "I think I cans." I'd love to hear from you.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.