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STEP 1. When you start with the oval and lines, draw them lightly. Make sure you draw the oval in the upper part of the paper, leaving room for Rosalie's shoulders.   STEP 2. Put in her eyes and nose. Make sure you mimic as close as possible the placement of her features.   STEP 3. Don't put in any details yet like shading and texturing. Stick with putting in placements for her eyebrows. Now put in her irises with pupils. You're coming along just fine. Draw in the right side of her nose, jawline, neck, and shoulders. Take your time, there's no rush. Stroke them in lightly.   STEP 4. You're making progress. Lightly sketch in her upper and lower eyelids. Sketch in her philtrum, those two vertical lines above her lips. Okay here are the challenges. Get her mouth in. See where the outer edges of her lips line up. Left side lines up near left side of pupil. Right side of mouth lines up near the middle of the left side of her eye whites. Her mouth also angles up to the right. Put a placement for her pendant's chain. Make sure you copy the pendant the way it looks in this picture guide. Draw in her dress and speghetti straps. You're molding Rosalie and she is looking good. Smile, don't frown.   STEP 5. Now you're going to add some flair to Rosalie. You can start on her inner face and then hair. Feather in her eyebrows. Get those luscious lashes like you're putting on mascara. Stroke them up. That's it. You can darken in her pupils, but leave those white highlights. Now softly and gently shade her face and neck area in small circles with your pencils. Why? You want her facial tone to appear soft. She's a pale vampire, you know. Her hair is her crowning glory. Stroke the lines like the picture and get those curly waves to work too. Erase where you need to, sketch in where you can. Take your time to draw. If you want to draw in the details to the pendant, you can. Does your picture look like a human being? Uhhhh... wrong choice of words. Look at it and see if it resembles a female. If it does, clap your hands.   STEP 6. Your drawing doesn't have to look like this. But as a guide, it can appear this way, messier, sketchier, or very light. Go ahead and erase your guidelines if you haven't already. Now is the time to smooth things out. Get in those shaded areas and smooth them with a tissue or blending stump (any blending tool including your finger). Notice there's a white path, marking her hairline. Make sure you include that (she has more hair there that is very light.) You're working your picture in steps, stages, or layers. Notice how the lips on Rosalie are lighter...I haven't added darker details yet. Speaking of details, add the chain and pendant details. Take your time. There's no rush.   STEP 7. I'd like to mention here that your drawing isn't complete. It's lighter in certain areas. Other areas, like her dress, the right side of her face needs more shading, darkening. Try the 9B pencil stick, which is a dream. With the No.2 HB pencil, it'll take quite some time to complete the shading. Don't forget your rubber kneaded eraser to add those highlights.   STEP 8. You need to add some gold stars on your completed successful portrait of Rosalie Cullen. The woman looks good! Extra runaway lines have been erased, her hair looks how a blonde should. Her lips even have a little shine to them. Oh, she even has cleavage showing in her gorgeous black dress. Give me a high-five for Rosalie. That's some good drawing. Let me know about what you've done. I mean, I'm enjoying these tutorials with you too!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.