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STEP 1. First start by drawing some simple shallow “c” shapes, in a sort of spiral shape. The red shows where to begin. Tip: I find that this is the easiest way to start. When you look at roses, you can see how your eye is drawn into the centre of the petals, that’s the focal point, and if you start there, you can follow the petals out wards from there.   STEP 2. Continue to draw these lines around the centre. Make them slightly random, since the petals don’t grow in any particular pattern. Best way to do this is draw quickly, this is a sketch, so its all about getting the basic shape drawn out and having a recognisable drawing in front of you. Don’t worry too much about small details, as long as there is no problem for someone to recognise that it’s a rose; that will be all that’s required.   STEP 3. Now we start to give the petals edges. The red shows where to place lines to define the petals shape. The “c” shapes you have drawn are the top of the petals, so the next lines show where the petals start and end. Tip: Remember that the petals overlap each other; think about how some petals will hide the others behind it. They are in layers, with the outer most petals overlapping the ones before them, getting closer to the centre.   STEP 4. Now you can also draw in the lips or folds of the petals. The red shows some basic shapes that you can repeat on some or all of the petals if you wish. Keep in mind the direction the folds are, for example, the back petals, you will not be able to see the folds very much, and also the side petals, the folds will look slightly different.   STEP 5. Define the outermost edge of the rose now, you should be able to see its shape. The petals on the outside are the biggest, and they fold around each other, coming out from the stem. Tip: You don’t have to draw in the stem, but if you add a small part, it just helps to certify that it is a rose! You can add in some thorns too, they are slightly hooked, and remember, you can always search for some reference photos on the internet to find out how roses look. Remember not to go over the top with the thorns, they don’t have that many, so don’t turn your rose into a cactus!   STEP 6. Finally, rub out any small mistakes if you don’t want them there, remember, this is just a sketch, and this technique can be used as a way of practicing drawing roses, about exploring their shapes and getting used to their forms. You should be able to have this drawn in less than 30 mins. You can add in some shadows if you want, it may help pick out some of the petals, and help to show the overlap. And now you know how to sketch a rose!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.