How to Draw Chibi Anime

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STEP 1. The basics of a chibi are fairly simple to grasp. It's mostly composed of angles and circles. To start drawing your own chibi anime character, You can start with any number of different poses that you can easily whip up by drawing the angled chibi frame. Here are a few to give you an idea of how it's done!   STEP 2. Chibi anime characters can come in many different shapes and sizes, some small, some tall, but most all of them have a very similar frame to them. If you plan on making larger feet and hands, you can try adding triangles to the ends of the hands and feet lines to help guide you through the width that you would prefer.   STEP 3. As you build the body, keep the frame in mind so you can see any major flaws. It's easier to see if your proportions are off with the basic wire frame because there is less to it. Drawing out your chibi anime body is as simple as this!   STEP 4. Drawing out a chibi head just a simple step away from modifying the circle of the frame. In the upper left, you can see I have a circle and just added the basic anime pointed chin to it. Now you have your chibi head! After that you can choose from a variety of cute anime faces or expressions! I've drawn out several so you can get an idea of what you may want your chibi to look like.   STEP 5. Now, taking what you learned, lets start to draw our own anime chibi! Start with the basic circle. Try to make it as round as possible, but if it isn't perfect, don't worry about it.   STEP 6. Now lets start to build our chibi frame. Add your chin to your circle and draw out your chibi body using angles, lines and circles.   STEP 7. Now we're going to need some help with the face.. Go ahead and draw in the basic rounded cross guide lines for your chibis face.   STEP 8. Now that we have the facial guide lines down, draw in some anime eyes and a mouth. Go ahead and use whatever expression you want! I'm using some basic thick lined eyes and a basic smile.   STEP 9. Now we can go ahead and draw in her cute playful body. Be sure to not give her any breasts. Most anime chibi bodies are very genderless. You can also use this tutorial up to this point to draw a boy if you would like. But lets continue on with the chibi anime girl.   STEP 10. Anime bangs tend to be rather sections and a bit choppy. Go ahead and draw in her choppy bangs with emphasis on a swept look. Her hair will be swept up in the wind!   STEP 11. Now go ahead and draw in the rest of her hair and be sure to continue with the swept up in the wind look!   STEP 12. I love the chibi anime school girl look, so lets go ahead and draw her with a traditional school uniform. Start with the top and make sure the sleeves are a bit flared. Add a slight wave to the bottom of her shirt to make it look like it is also caught up in the wind.   STEP 13. Now you can draw in the lower half. Draw in a sectioned skirt that is flowing towards the direction her hair is flowing. Try drawing each panel individually and it will help. Draw in some knee socks and shoes, and the hint of hidden leg beneath her skirt.   STEP 14. Now for a couple finishing touches. Go ahead and add an eyebrow peeking through her bangs, and an eye line. No need for the other since her bang covers it all! Erase any un-needed lines.   STEP 15. You're finished! Excellent job. You should have your very own chibi anime school girl!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15.