How to Draw a Kid

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STEP 1. We'll start out with the head shape of a child. A child's head is round, almost apple apple shaped. Their cheeks are round because their bodies hold baby fat still and their noses are slightly turned up from feeding.Their ears, which might look big for their heads, stick out a little from the sides, normally caused from sleeping when young with their ears folded slightly.   STEP 2. Their bodies are somewhat pear shaped. Their backs curve a bit and their bellies stick out from their abdomen. Their heads will seem big on their bodies, their shoulders just a bit wider than the width of their head.   STEP 3. Their hands are small and soft. Tiny fingers and fingernails, still a little bit of baby fat too that goes away with more use as muscle builds from fine motor skills.   STEP 4. The same goes for their feet. The more they use them the more they will shape up. Tiny toes and toenails here like with the fingers on the hand.   STEP 5. Now we're all set to start. We'll start out with a frame that we will use for the body. We'll keep in mind the shape of the head and the shape of the body. I'm going to do two examples here for you, one a boy and the other a girl.   STEP 6. First things first we'll map out their faces. We'll add the shape of the boys face but we'll have part of the girl's face hidden so we'll just do a bit of the shape for her.   STEP 7. Next we'll do their clothes. We'll put the boy in shorts and a t-shirt and give him some straps for a backpack. We'll put the girl in a little dress with puffy sleeves. We'll draw out her arms in this step as well since they go over her clothes.   STEP 8. Then we'll draw out how their hair lays on their faces and add their ears, arms and legs. We'll also draw out the top half of the bear the girl is holding so that we can see how it covers the face.   STEP 9. We'll give them their feet next, adding shoes and socks. We'll also draw out the boy's hands and backpack and give him a hat to cover up the rest of his hair. We'll add the body of the bear on the girl and give her some freckles.   STEP 10. We'll give the boy some freckles too and a scraped knee. We'll also put some laces on his sneakers and leave one of them untied...since kids never know how to tie their does. We'll give him pockets and put a star on his shirt. We'll finish of the girls' hair and give her bow. We'll put some little bows on her socks as well and a pocket on her dress. We'll finish drawing out the bear, giving him a face and a belly.   STEP 11. And there you have it. How to draw kids. I hope that this was helpful for you and I just can't wait to see how your pictures come out!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.