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STEP 1. The first step is to define the head. The human body is divided into 3 parts: head, torso and legs. In the manga style, his head is bigger, like the eyes (this is the most important part of this style). Draw a large circle, marking the height of the eyes and we can define the mandible, the height of the nose, mouth and ears.   STEP 2. To define the body, we will do to the hips. We can see that the main points of articulation include the neck and hip, are those that allow then to define the vision and body shape. Once the torso is defined, the arms do these steps: shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. Manga style, the arms are thin and delicate hands.   STEP 3. Just defined hips to the legs, which are made from groins, to the knees, ankles and then finally the feet. In this case, only to the knees. The legs are too thin and delicate appearance.   STEP 4. Now begins the step definition. We started with the face. The eyes should be large and round, but not further define the form completely, because we will then with the color. The nose is a small, almost imperceptible point. The mouth is not really about the axis of facial symmetry, but in manga is usually a "small disproportion" and "false view"to get other types of effects, here and depend on each one. The strokes are to be rounded and clean.   STEP 5. To draw hair, begin with the fringe. We will make several strands, and as we move away from the head, the strands will not be so defined, as it will then by color. Long hairs get great dynamics and movement.   STEP 6. Actually, this step is not necessary. The "nekogirls"are very popular in the sleeve and give a more sweet and innocent. It's easy, just have to define ears and tail to tail, should be taken into account from where it begins, once marked this point, we can give the way we want.   STEP 7. It's time to make clothes. Everyone can make it to your liking. Remember that clothes tighter to the body, have fewer folds, and the looser, more folds. Also remember that the direction of the folds depends on the position of the body. There is no special trick.   STEP 8. Once we have defined our body, it's time to clean the line. What program use? Personally, I recommend PAINT TOOL SAI, is a popular program used by mangaka for their artbooks. The outline of this program is more intuitive and are far more clean lines, you can also use the A. Photoshop, I leave to your choice.   STEP 9. The coloring is usually done with small hard shadows and gradients, will give a base color and then define the shadows, depending on the direction of light. The most important features are manga-style eyes. The first is to basing a base color and make the pupils and shadows. The second step, we will give a gradient on top of a darker shade in order to create the volume. The third step is the brightness. Normally, there is one larger on top and smaller ones at the bottom, this depends on the direction of light, in this case, from the left, so the brightness will be in this direction. And so we get our own figure drawing in manga style.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.