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STEP 1. start wid a basic layout for ur piece. i got away wid ma screen name.. don't get too much into details yet..   STEP 2. now, we'll start some of the funky stuff. feel free n try. it's where ur creativity works out..   STEP 3. erase the unwanted lines.   STEP 4. add some more crazy stuff of urs, here n there.. it's ur world here, dont hesitate..   STEP 5. those who have seen that last tut of mine, well i think dis step ain't gonna give u a pinch of trouble. but still, let me explain. the line below is the horizon line. the point, is where all the lines we'll create to give depth to these letters are gonna meet. now in this tut, i've done a slightly different thing. the box u are seeing on the top is ur drawing sheet. n i made that point(red) far below ur sheet. u'll have to assume that point and carry out. for the very beginners, u can always put that point on ur sheet. still if u guys don't get it, just leave a comment, i'll try ma best to explain it.   STEP 6. now all we've to do is to create those lines, n voila.. we're done.. n it's luking gud too.. waddya say.. huh. well, try it wid different placemnts of that point. have fun..   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.