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STEP 1. Icicles have bumps and uneven edges since they're essentially frozen drops of melted snow. Having a variety of bumps and lumps at the edges in a pattern manor, will create realism. 1. Shows that there is indeed definition to an icicle even though it's a just a sharp angled object. Add light indents of definition to create a more realistic feel.   STEP 2. A broken icicle has two layers visible, depending on the perspective it's viewed in. Broken icicles have cracked ridges defining that it's been broken due to melting. For a impacted looking icicle, add plenty of sharpened ridges and cracks to the broken base of the icicle.   STEP 3. Icicles normally form in different angles and shapes. They're all not in the same exact frozen direction which is 'straight'. Take your time and plan out the direction of the icicles before you do any major definition.   STEP 4. Start by drawing some spiked shapes for the beginning parts if your icicles. For me I drew four long spikes, and one broken or snapped off icicle at the right end.   STEP 5. You will now sketch in some detailing horizontal lines for each icicle you draw, and then draw a hidden icicle to the left behind the larger ones.   STEP 6. That's it, you are now all done with this lesson on how to draw icicles. Now you can use what you've just learned so you can tackle something else.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.