How to Draw a Cute Dragon

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STEP 1. First things first, we'll start out with a frame for our dragon. We'll do a round shape for the head, the forward part of the body, and the back. We'll add a cross section on the head so that we can map out the face. Add lines coming out to show where the wings, tail and back legs will be on our dragon and another circle on the back part to show where the back legs will connect to the body.   STEP 2. Then we'll move onto the face. We'll draw our dragon with a big open mouth and show it's tongue and it's top row of teeth including a pair of little fangs. We'll give it cute button like eyes, and even though dragons don't have eyebrows like us, we're going to define the brow line just a little bit with two curved lines, one right above each eye.   STEP 3. Next we'll move onto the rest of the head. We'll draw out the shape of it and we'll also give him some horns. I gave him three with three smaller protrusions around the center one, but feel free to give him a different type of horns if you like.   STEP 4. Now onto the legs. The front oval that we drew will be the is actually going to be the front legs. I did them kind of chubby and gave him three toes. I did the same thing for the back legs.We'll add the top part of his back as well, stopping right before where we're going to place his wings.   STEP 5. Then we'll draw on the wings. They curve up from the back, coming to the point at a talon like protrusion, then curve outward and down. We'll give the wings three points, connecting them with curved lines then joining them to the back again.   STEP 6. Next we'll draw out the rest of the body including the belly and the tail, along with the line that shows the difference between the backside of the dragon and his soft underbelly. The scales are normally different on the belly as compared to the scales on the rest of the body so that's why we draw that separating line.   STEP 7. Lastly we'll add all the detail lines. We'll put curved lines on the underbelly of the dragon, to make it look like his belly is a little textured. We'll give him some spines along his back and we'll add the lines that represent the cartilage in the wings. We'll also put little swirls where his joints are on his front legs just for a little extree cute factor.   STEP 8. And there you have your very own cute dragon. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I just can't wait to see all of your results!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.