How to Draw Chibi Manga

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STEP 1. First, let me start off with the differences between anime and manga. Here, you can see my chibi anime and chibi manga tutorial side by side. Notice the anime tutorial is a -lot- less detailed? This is because when doing animation, detail is lost due to time management. If they did every scene as detailed as a detailed manga scene, it would take far too long and too much money to get the anime done. No matter though! Us detail lovers still have manga!   STEP 2. When drawing manga, there are a few different types of chibis that you need to get familiar with. The first being the detailed chibi. Notice the strands of hair are defined, the pull up into her ponytail and there's even some ripples in her clothes. This chibi would be used in important plot points in your manga. (High emotional points, climactic plot, close ups, transformations, character growth)   STEP 3. Next would be the lesser chibi. This chibi has light amounts of detail and still has digits and direction to her clothes. These chibis don't take very much time and will probably be the most commonly used chibi in your whole manga. These chibis are your story tellers and will lead up to your detailed chibi scenes.   STEP 4. Then we have the stick figure chibi. This chibi takes little to no time to draw and is the "bridge" chibi in your manga plot. This chibi will tell little tid bits of your story that are important enough to be there, but overall have no major significance. For instance, if our heroine missed her bus, and then a bad guy popped up.. we would use our stick figure chibi to portray her missing her bus and then a dramatic turn with a detailed chibi to find a foe awaiting her. Now that you know a little about the different manga chibis, lets try a scene!   STEP 5. Lets start with the basic circle! This will start building our head. Don't worry if it' isn't perfect. Mine isn't!   STEP 6. From that, add a pointed chin and the top half of the structure for the body. This is only going to be a waist up, so don't worry about legs. Manga's tend to not have full bodies in most of their panes because they won't fit!   STEP 7. When making detailed drawings, start easy and work your way up. Lets start with the bangs in their pretty basic form with no extra lines on them. Make sure the bangs go past the chin!   STEP 8. Now lets move on to her ponytail spikey hair style. Make a sharp half oval at the pull point for her hair on her head and above that do a half oval with another sharp half oval. Then draw out the pieces of hair peeking out from behind her head.   STEP 9. We need a face to go with all that hair! Draw in some half lidded eyes, a soft smirk and some eyebrows and eyelines. You should make the eye lines lighter or thinner than the rest of the lines for the face.   STEP 10. Now to start drawing out the rest of her body. Don't worry about drawing her hand at first, since most of it will be covered by her sleeve. Just draw out her sleeve instead. Draw out her shoulders, half her other arm, her waist and a flare for where her skirt will be.   STEP 11. Now you can draw in the fingers we didn't draw in the last step. Draw in her collar with the flaps, the top part of her corset, her arm band and the waves in her skirt. With the skirt take it one wave at a time instead of trying to do the whole thing at once. This will break it up and make it easier to manage.   STEP 12. Draw in the missing sleeve and hand now that the skirt has been drawn in. Again, most of the hand should be hidden in the sleeve!   STEP 13. Now that the basics have been drawn out, you can start getting into technical detail. Add in some extra pull lines to her head and the top of her pony tail. Add in some extra lines to her bangs to give them depth and notice that every strand of hair has at least one or two lines to it. Try not to draw the lines totally in the middle of the strands, as it could look strange. Draw them off center or close to the side so it looks more natural and less robotic.   STEP 14. Now to draw in the design for her outfit! Notice on the corset that all of my lines are pulled to the southern point of her corset. This gives the outfit flow, and is a must if you plan on drawing anything in a corset. You don't have to draw the triangle designs that I did, but just remember to pull to that point no matter what design! Draw in the sleeve details and the triangles on the skirt.   STEP 15. Lastly, draw in some lines on her collar and flaps to show movement and pull, draw in her collar bones peeking through, draw in a couple of pull ripples for her corset and two little lines that show the skirt pulling into the pull point of the corset as well.   STEP 16. Congratulations you're finished! I colored this in black and white since most manga is not colored.. however, you can color this however you see fit! Have fun!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.