How to Draw Katy Perry

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STEP 1. It's been a while since last time. It's good to be back in the New year! We'll start with the oval in the rectangular box. Try to start at least an inch and a half from the top of your paper. From the left side, leave an inch of space. This will allow you to get her whole figure in. Stay as close to the shape and draw lightly please. Use a 2HB pencil... not a 2H or hard pencil. It'll leave horrible groves in your paper.   STEP 2. Lightly draw a slanted line from the forehead to chin. This lands near the middle of the bottom line. The jawline is parallel to the right side of the box. As you notice, the back of the oval looks huge. All of this helps with the mass of the picture.   STEP 3. Sketch an oval like in the picture inside the right half of the first oval. At the halfway mark between distance of top of head and bottom of chin, make a line from "a" to "b". That is the placement for the eyes. At the top for eyebrows draw a horizontal line (blue) from "c" to "d". Also where the cheekbones would be draw a horizontal line (blue) from "e" to "f".   STEP 4. Draw a curved line down the face for the center. Draw two slanted lines down from eyebrows and one connecting (red)for bridge of nose.   STEP 5. This is so helpful for the balance of a face. You'll find from hairline to top of eyebrow--from top of eyebrows to bottom of nose--from bottom of nose to to bottom chin--these are divided into three even parts. Most faces are like this with little adjustments. Amazingly the hairline is the beginning point. Observe the three even parts and work your way down, according to the Step 5 picture.   STEP 6. Sketch lightly and dividing the lower third of the face into thirds to locate the mouth. When you extend the top of the eyebrow line into the oval and the jaw line higher up, that will locate the ear. If you need to erase to mold your lines, go ahead. That's all a part of finding the right shape. Erase the middle line in the nose. Basically copy the other lines indicating the planes of the face. Take your time. You're doing fine.   STEP 7. At this point you'll add the ears underneath the extended eyebrow line and on the right side of the jawline. Erase the bottom of the second oval and add the neck. Sketch it in lightly because you will be improvising.   STEP 8. You are progressing wonderfully. Now is the miraculous change, filling the guideline structure with Katy Perry's hair, cherry ornament, eyebrow placement, eyes, nose, mouth, earrings, and shoulders. Erase and shape again. Focus and look closely at the picture. Please take your time to mold her.   STEP 9. "Tools Of The Trade" I absolutely love giving tools and tips. In Step 9 picture. Let me introduce you to the ELECTRIC PENCIL SHARPENER. It'll save you plenty of time. Also I've used an interchangeable mechanical pencil size 0.7. The lead sizes used are HB and 2HB. I've also used that wonderful graphite pencil at 9B. Then acrylic white paint and tiny paintbrush for those tiny highlights. Also the rubber kneaded eraser, Q-tips, blending stump, etc. make your picture eye candy!   STEP 10. You know I have to amp this up and show you how I get these details. Some techniques are shown in the gray Step 10 picture. Hit escape on your keypad to enlarge the image.   STEP 11. You have come all this way. You can stop here with a great picture. Look at the hair and see the highlights and strokes for hair strands. Her eyes should be accentuated with those lovely long dark lashes. Though it's not as detailed, you do have a wonderful piece of art.   STEP 12. When you continue with the tiny circles on her face for that even tone. When you blend with your tissue or Q-tip, When you patiently stroked after individual stroke with your pencil her hair, when you've mastered those tips and techniques, it brings you to this moment of triumph. A created piece of art by your own hands. It is lovely. I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.