How to Draw a Girl In a Dress

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STEP 1. First we need to establish a basic shape. The girl I have drawn is standing in a very basic cute girl pose with her hands clasped behind her back and her toes turned slightly inward. To establish an appropriate form, draw a basic circle for the head, try not to make it too small or too large.. keep it about the same width as the shoulder circles. Draw in shoulder circles and a line to show where the shoulders bridge, a torso vertical line and an upside down bowl shape with two stick legs coming out from it.   STEP 2. First, lets establish how her head will look. Use the circle to make your anime chin and draw in some guide lines for the face. It's best to use the curve of the right side (Your right, not hers) of the circle and start to dip in with the curve and then pull back out for the angle of the cheek. This helps give your head shape instead of it just being a straight line.   STEP 3. Using the guide lines, draw in the outer section of the eyes, a nose (If your nose crosses your head line like mine, you may need to redraw it later) and a smile. Keep the smile a little higher than normal because her mouth is going to be open.   STEP 4. Now, create the circles or iris of the eyes. Create a low dip curve that touches the corners of your smile and draw a little hill in the mouth for the tounge. Under the low curve, draw a small curve to show the lower lip. Draw in some eyelid lines above the eyes too.   STEP 5. Now we want to work towards erasing the head circle, so lets draw in the top part of her bangs and the shape of her hair. Just above the tip of her bangs, there should be a slight curve and a puff out to show the other side of the bangs that get pushed out of view. Draw the hair off the head.   STEP 6. Now you can erase your head lines and guide lines, they are no longer needed. Leave the neck and the rest of the body alone though. Draw in the rest of the bangs that are in the clip, and some hair spilling over the shoulders.   STEP 7. I have lightened my guide line so the lines won't get confusing. As you can see, I've drawn draw the sleeves of your dress not touching, but hovering over your guide lines. Towards the bottom of the sleeve, poof it out a bit. Starting at the bottom of the shoulder circles, draw a line that will curve out and over the upside down bowl shape to establish the waist and start of the dress.   STEP 8. Before we move on, wish can finish the entire upper body. Draw in the bottom of the hair that hides behind the sleeves. Draw in two small curved rectangles at the bottom of your poofy sleeve and her two arms hiding behind her. Draw in a neck and the square neck line of the dress. If you've seen my chibi clothes tutorial, notice I use the same tucking technique for the part of the neckline that you can see. The clothes are not flat against her.   STEP 9. Before we start the lower part of the dress, there are a couple things you need to know about how the folds will work. Notice the blue line establishes how the folds are going to go. This is the bottom part of the dress and must -not- disconnect. The line must be continuous even if it comes to a sharp angle, do not disconnect the line at all or you will lose your desired effect. The red lines show how the dress will evolve around your connected line.   STEP 10. Now! Lets try it for real this time. Draw in a flowy connected line, with a couple lines coming from the upper points of the flow to show how the dress folds.   STEP 11. Before we finish the underside of the dress, we need to place the legs and feet. Follow your stick guide lines to create your foot. If you are having trouble, try to think of one of those ball joint dolls and how the foot would look and move. I've drawn an example next to the leg.   STEP 12. Now you can draw in the under sides of the dress, where the fabric connects and the flow behind the legs as well. This gives your dress depth and shows that it's not just a flat cardboard plastered on her. You can finish up your drawing by adding rounded rectangle shapes to show the shoe line, eyebrows and even a little cute cowlick on her head.   STEP 13. Once you're finished you can erase any guide lines that may still be showing, and clean up anything that may look messy and you're finished! Great job and happy coloring!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.