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STEP 1. Catlucker, I have to say this to Halle Berry. Halle, you are an inferno, a goddess! And your smile! Where do you get all that skin to stretch that beautiful mouth. Are we related? I hope not because I want to adore you for myself! Forget the dress! You get the Golden Globe for number one BEST SMILE!   STEP 2. I have to say there is something to "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil. You'll see what I mean with these three celebrities expressions. Ooooo, Lindsay, what's that on your face! It's not the drink, it's the persimmons that knocked you all the way to straight street. We don't want to SEE anymore Jail Time. OJ, You may look like you had nothing to do with your book, but this is the last time! We don't want to HEAR "If I Did It" again! Mel, Mel, Mel, no one can crinkle their face like yours. But please, please don't open your mouth, because when you SPEAK we have to cover our ears.   STEP 3. Catlucker, I have to say Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the cutest couple ever! I could just kiss, kiss, kiss them. Look at Keith leaning into his adorable wife like that. Who could blame him being on cloud ? Just for that expression, Keith, you and Nicole get the SWEETEST COUPLE award! Now, the well-deserving Keith will have a tutorial done on him. Everyone enjoy. Back to you Catlucker!   STEP 4. Thanks, Cojo! And just for a refresher. Don't forget TIPS & TOOLS! You can scan your ref pic onto computer to enlarge. You can create a more accurate pic on a grid. Regular proportions on a face are in thirds. According to eye-level perspective, the ears normally stay in line with the eyebrows and nose of the face. The picture to the right shows these tips. To refresh yourself further, check out "How To Draw A Portrait" in the People category.   STEP 5. A friend of mine here a Dragoart wanted to know how to draw wrinkles. I'm glad to show you and her through Mel, our SPEAK NO EVIL guy. *wink* A) Wrinkles on forehead. There are four of them like rolling hills. Very little shading is needed here on this character study. B) Like chicken scratch add these delicate lines by the eyes. C) Nice draping folds represent the bags under his eyes. Draw that and add some creases near the bridge of his nose. D) It's good to add horizontal lines above his lips. E) Shaded lines come down his cheek. F) The jowl folds are more impressive showing mass. Shade some at the darker creases to enhance the mass. Hope that helps.   STEP 6. This tutorial, I'd like to touch on hands. Try practicing them because they enhance a portrait or the mood of the subject. You see, hands are an outer expression of us too--as seen in the main Keith portrait, Lindsay Lohen and Nicole Kidman pictures.   STEP 7. Finally we are beginning with Keith's portrait. Draw the oval lightly on your paper, taking up over 3/4ths of the page. The oval shape isn't perfect so try to stay close to the shape as possible.   STEP 8. Now you can take your pencil and draw that snake-like line down the center of the oval and outside the oval for his neck.   STEP 9. Tenderly draw the crescents or should I say crescent. This allows for the mass of the hair and head.   STEP 10. I like this part because it helps map features of the face. a) helps with Keith's hairline. b) positions the top of his eyebrow arch. d) lines up the tear ducts of his eyes. e) places the tip of his nose. f) this line gives the center of his lips. After that... it's Free Falling!   STEP 11. Go ahead and sketch in the ear and his neck lines.   STEP 12. We get to see some more of Keith! Yes, gently draw in his eyes, eyebrows... watch where they land within the guidelines and remember the proportions guidelines even with your sketched in lines. Add his nose and hair. You're working it! Yes, you are!   STEP 13. You're more involved in molding Keith to appear like the picture before you. Your drawing is in No. 2HB pencil, so you can draw light lines. Get his fluffy, long hair flowing. Stroke it in, that's right! Shade in his lips, chin, and draw in his t-shirt with some shading. You're doing great!   STEP 14. Now it's pruning time. Stroke in more shading to his hair. Leave some light strands for his highlights. Shade in small light circles... work darker from the darkest point and circle lightly as you expand to the light areas of his face. Blend, erase, circle a little more shading, blend, and erase some more. Work darker on his t-shirt with a medium tone. Then go even darker, along with blending. Notice how your picture is developing.   STEP 15. It's here and Keith is looking good. You can work your picture with more layers for this appearance. I stayed with the head only and not the rest of the t-shirt, cup, pad and hands. That's a whole other trick in the bag. But if you feel courageous and more confident, please have fun.   STEP 16. For those of you who would like to brave the future, here's the full portrait picture of Keith. This includes his lower half of his torso--design on t-shirt, hands, notepad, and coffee mug. I really enjoyed borrowing Cojo and having your attention. Let me know how you fared on your masterpiece. I'd love to hear of the results. Much luv and success to you!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.