How to Draw a Convertible

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STEP 1. To start, we need to draw out or make the outline of the convertible you will be drawing. This is going to be a solid rock like shape like you see here, with straight bottom lines for the frame of the car.   STEP 2. These are pinpoints to where the focal points of the car will be drawn. Make sure you draw these points accurately so you'll draw an even better looking Convertible that is well proportioned and symmetrical.   STEP 3. Begin drawing out the bottom framing of the car which is the bottom of the front bumper, the front right fender, the wheel wells, and the space between the wheels and the door. When you are done you should have of a convertible drawn out without the wheels, and detailing lines.   STEP 4. Okay, we will leave this car frame without wheels for a while so we can get the rest of the body work done. Start by drawing in the headlights, and front grill like so. The next step is to start on the right side where you left off with the front fender line and begin drawing out the windshield. Continue the same lining to make the top lining for the door, and the rest of the top framing for the car design. As you can see you will also need to draw in the side mirror, and some of the seat neck rests in the back. The lump in back of the seats is actually the shape of the folded hood.   STEP 5. You're doing great guys, here you will begin drawing out the lining and the shapes for the fog lights, and the sports decal at the bottom of the front fender below the grill. When that is done sketch in the hood lining to make a nice neat display of the cars design. Continue the same lining to make the frame around the windshield like so, and then add some definition to the front part of the convertible. After all, you do want to ride in style right?   STEP 6. You are now half way done with this tutorial on how to draw a convertible. What you need to do now is draw out the beginning lining to form the car door, door handle, and then some of the back bumper. When that is done begin sketching out the back seats, and add detailing to the folded roof.   STEP 7. Now it's time draw the wheels like so, and then move to the next step.   STEP 8. Now it's time to draw out the car rims and this is where you are going to want to take your time to make sure that the spokes come out nice and even. Did I mention this is also your last drawing step? Erase the guidelines if they are visible and then your work is done.   STEP 9. Here is what your drawing looks like when you are all done. Now you can choose a color to shade in your vehicle. I hope you liked learning how to draw a convertible.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.