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STEP 1. First you need to draw the head circle. Then draw a few lines for the horns, and make a teardrop shape for the body. Next draw a circle for the tail, and draw another circle about half that size for the mouth.   STEP 2. Now draw the outline for the horns. After you've done that, make the line that separates the belly from the rest of the Horsea, and shape the torso out a bit. Then draw the snout and the eyes. Don't forget; the eyes are rounded slits, not circles! Draw a little circle for the tip of the tail. Smooth out the line that connects the tail to the body.   STEP 3. Now draw the actual circle for the mouth. It should be slightly smaller than the circle you drew earlier. Fill it in. Smooth out the space between the horns, and draw the inside edge of the tail. Draw the fin and add lines for the belly and fin grooves. You're almost done!   STEP 4. Great job! Just erase the guide lines and you're finished! Congratulations on learning how to draw your very own Horsea! I hope your drawing turned out great, and I hope to submit another tutorial soon.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.