How to Draw Jasper Hale

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STEP 1. First start out with this oval. Draw it lightly with a number two pencil.   STEP 2. This is the dissecting line, dividing the face for placement of Jasper's features. Don't forget the neck line.   STEP 3. Draw the huge crescent or bandanna shape for head mass.   STEP 4. These lines help with feature placements and the proportions of Jasper's face. a) is the hairline, b) is the top of the eyebrow line, c) is the eyes from tear duct to tear duct, d) is the bottom of the nose, e) is the middle of his lips.   STEP 5. Draw in the ear, which is over half of his ear. Draw in his neckline.   STEP 6. Here's a peek of how the guidelines will look with his facial features. Watch closely how you draw the left side of his face in the picture. Notice his eyebrow touches the oval's edge, but his cheek and jawline does not. His chin does touch the bottom of the oval guideline. See how his hair fluffs up quite a bit from the top of his head.   STEP 7. This is how the outline of the drawing looks without the guidelines. The next steps will be my shading in process so you can see how the picture progresses.   STEP 8. Relax! I've darkened this in my photo editing program so you can see my lines better. I used a No. 2HB, 2B, and 9B grades of pencils. Use small circular motions with your pencil and keep it sharpened. Leave a white crescent space for the catch lights in his eyes.   STEP 9. Progress further... but sometimes I wonder if I should have stopped here because I'm a softy for lines! Love them. Continue to do those small circular motions shading in his temple, cheekbone, and jawline. Work the shadow into his neck and below chin.   STEP 10. At this point, I've used the blending tool (tissue paper, blending stump) to smooth out the circular lines. Notice how far the shading goes.   STEP 11. Okay, we are getting somewhere. Draw in more hair lines, stroking and curving the strands. The more lines, the more realistic it looks and then blend some more. If you find your blending tone is too dark, for example on Jasper's skin, take a tissue paper and rub some graphite off or gently erase off with your kneaded rubber eraser. Most of his face is done. Now start shading on his shirt collar with straighter lines... light to dark.   STEP 12. I didn't mess up. I did this mid-tone blending on purpose. To get that effect, you take tissue paper and rub over your shaded drawing for a smooth, nearly one tone effect. His hair really looks flat and so does his shirt.   STEP 13. Looks different doesn't it. I took off some shading on his forehead and highlighted areas on his face. Added darker lines and shading in his hair. Added highlights and shading on his sideburns. Also I darkened his collar and did a bit of shading in the background.   STEP 14. Here's the full background shading effect and I worked in a few more details on his hair, face, and shirt. Please let me know if this tutorial helped with your drawing. And I'd love it if you vote, fave, and comment. It'll help me to continue here. So enjoy your masterpiece because YOU created it by your own hands! Much luv to you!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14.