How to Draw Willow Smith

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STEP 1. Ok folks, let's begin this tutorial with the very basics. In this case, I'm going to start off by drawing a large circle that will be in place for her head and other major facial details. Use a compass for this part since it can be tedious work drawing a perfect circle on your own. Make sure you get the guidelines correct since the outcome entirely depends on the foundation guidelines.   STEP 2. Next, it's time to draw the basic face shape for Willow. She has a rounded complexion and short face shape, mainly because she's a young child. Once you get to her chin, make sure you square it off subtly. Yes, she is the child that obtained most of Will Smith's features.   STEP 3. Then, it's time to work on her ear to finish off the face shape. Once you're done with that, work on the neckline and collar for her spiffy coat.   STEP 4. We'll simply move onto drawing the very basic facial details. To begin, work on the upper lids of her eyes. She doesn't have long lashes since she's not wearing much mascara and she's still a child. Her lashes aren't fully grown yet. Keep it simple!   STEP 5. Now, it's time to work on her lower lashes. Take your time since rushing can really distract and destroy your drawing! Remember, lower lashes aren't as long as the upper ones. Keep them short, especially for Willow.   STEP 6. Next, it's time to work on the pupils as well as the iris for Willow. Her irises takes up the entire middle of the outer eye. Make sure you slant your pencil to the side and shade in the upper half of the iris until you get to the lower half. Take your time, pupil!   STEP 7. Then, work on the very airy brows. Her brows are not full and thick like most children. Each of her brow hairs are moderately spaced apart.   STEP 8. Next, work on the large and flared nose. Her nose is wide and only stretches the corners of her eyes (the edges of the tear ducts).   STEP 9. This will probably be a bit difficult for all the novice artists viewing this tutorial. We'll be moving onto the lips. The top and lower lip are equally thick. Make sure the midsection of the upper lip meets the center of the nose ridge and the guideline.   STEP 10. Now, here's another hard part. It's time to draw the hair, and her hair is bent straight to the left. It's like an oversized fringe, similar to Rihanna's current hairstyle, just not so long. Anyways, it's best to start from the base of the scalp and work your way down into small wafts of hair chunk. This will give a realistic and fluffed effect to Willow. Be sure that the inner region of her hair, overlaps a bit of her face.   STEP 11. Then, add a few brief details to the inner side of her hair. This will rid of the bald look to her hair and add some spice for realism.   STEP 12. Lastly, add the earrings and the right ear. Finish off by drawing the rest of her jean vest.   STEP 13. With patience and practice, you should have a drawing that resembles this. There isn't much details to add, except coloring or graphite shading. Get references online for her skin tones/lighting. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did, thanks so much for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.