How to Draw Baby Hinata

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STEP 1. her facial structure is very rounded, keep that in mind before starting. in this step, we'll just lay down d layout, that'll help us putting the eyes n other stuff appropriately. the two horizontal lines mark the space for eyes.   STEP 2. we'll create her hairs in this step. her style is front bangs, n long on sides, around the ear.   STEP 3. now comes the facial features. while drawing eyes, draw them with a slight slant on the ends of the upper side. draw out her nose and mouth. make mouth look like it's slightly open.   STEP 4. before wrapping up, we want to put some basic clothes on hinata. well, obviously, we don't want her to die outta cold. lolz. draw it out.   STEP 5. just erase the guidelines. n make her some eyebrows. n we're finally done.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.