How to Draw a Cute Anime Girl

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STEP 1. Hi everyone, if you want to try this tutorial I warmly recommend viewing some other tutorials about proportions. Trust me, it helps a lot;) I compared here two drawings, the good one and the second one shows you what not to do, hope it helps:)   STEP 2. Draw the guideline. This will help you construct your personage. Keep it simple.Notice that the shoulders are not on the same line, the right one is a little up, therefore the arms will have the same angles. Down the situation changes and the lines are on the same angle. She needs balance. Notice that the spine is arched.   STEP 3. Time to draw her body to give her life. Notice how the muscles and the skin cover the skeleton. I usually draw the body because it's easier to dress her up.   STEP 4. So this how the body line art should look like. It's important to erase the construction lines so that you don't get lost.   STEP 5. I chose to make her hair long for a very feminine, innocent look. The hair must not be "glued" on the head, try to leave a little space between the head and the hair to give it volume.   STEP 6. The hat is like a cylinder( A little circle up and a larger one down. Connect the circles with two diagonal lines and you are done) :). Make sure that it has the edge round and not straight.   STEP 7. The jacket is actually simple to draw. Just follow the body line and try not to draw it too large, it will make her look fat.   STEP 8. The girl has a blouse under the jacket. Try to outline the parts where the blouse can be seen.   STEP 9. The bow is an element that gives that special cuteness. Try not to make it flat, give it volume.   STEP 10. The belt prevents the skirt from falling off.I sketched some models on it, but not too many because the skirt is already very detailed. The skirt may look complex but it's not. There are great tutorials on DragoArt on how to draw folds, so I'm not going to show that again, but I do recommend to start with the outline and then to define the folds. It is easier this way. It has a lot of layers, but don't overdo it. The skirt goes on the same principle, but do keep in mind that it is not made of a delicate material. It's similar to the one wich ballerinas wear.   STEP 11. The socks are easy to draw. They are 3/4 long and they fit on the leg. I outlined where they end to define them under the skirt.   STEP 12. Like the socks the shoes follow the foot shape. The little bows match with the upper ones.   STEP 13. So this is how the finished drawing should look like, I hope that this tutorial was helpful. Have fun drawing it ^^   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.