How to Draw a Dancer

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STEP 1. The first thing you want to do with drawing a dancer is make the circle shape for the head like so. Then you will need to draw out the torso shape and then add in the guidelines for the head, and arms like so.   STEP 2. Here you will draw out the bottom half of the dancer which is the pelvic, and legs. This dancer is in a pose where her legs are crossed over one and another.   STEP 3. The next step to drawing a dancer is sketching out the spade shaped head and face like you see here. When that is done you can draw in the lining for the mask, and then draw the eyes, and nose bridge.   STEP 4. Continue to draw out the face behind the mask. This includes the eyes, nose, mouth, and all the designing on the mask. When you are sure that you have the face sketched in the way you see it here in this step, you can move to step five to sketch out more of this dancer.   STEP 5. Now begin drawing out the very big and wide headdress for this dancer that I have created for you. Once that is done, you can draw a cap in between the headdress, and then start the arms.   STEP 6. I drew the dancer holding some big., beautiful fans in her hands that are used as part of her dance routine. The front lining should be drawn in a wavy pattern, and then move to the next step.   STEP 7. Okay guys, here is the step where you will be drawing out the body of this dancer. The first thing to do is get her torso drawn out which is just the sides of her torso and the outline of her breasts. Next, continue that same lining as you draw out her waist, hips, thighs, and lower leg. I exaggerative a bit with the style of leg but you can sketch her legs to look thinner, thicker, or more shaply.   STEP 8. What you need to do now is finish the drawing of her legs and then draw in her feet which are perfectly posed.   STEP 9. Now the fun really starts. Slowly, and patiently start sketching out the material designing starting with the headdress. Now you have two choices here, you can choose to draw the designing I drew here, or you can go a head and create your own design concept. Do this designing for the fans as well, and don't forget to draw in her hands that's holding the fans.   STEP 10. Now what you will be doing here is drawing out her fan like sleeves that are oversized, loose, and they hang from her upper arms as they are held together by buttons. Once you have drawn in the sleeves, you can draw in the lining that forms her top. Draw the band around her waits, and then move to step eleven.   STEP 11. Before going to the next step, all you have to do is draw out the lining that forms her leggings. When that is done draw the thigh bands on her legs, and around her waist. This is a really awesome performers outfit.   STEP 12. And finally it's time to finish her off. Carefully draw out the train of her clothing, and be sure to draw every ruffle, and every fold. When that is done, draw the lining for her trim, and then draw the bottom band around her ankle. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 13. This is what your dancer looks like when you are all done. Now you can have even more fun as you tackle the coloring aspect of the drawing. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on how to draw a dancer.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.