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STEP 1. You are basically drawing an alien so this tutorial shouldn't be that bad. Start with a circle for the head, and add the guidelines for the face and body like so.   STEP 2. Here you will carefully draw out the actual shape of Paul's head and face which is the exact shape of an alien that we usually draw. Paul is supposed to look like the typical alien from sitings and from books. When that is done, use the facial guides to draw out the first eye lines.   STEP 3. Finish sketching or drawing out his eyes like so, and then draw and color in his pupils. Next, using a sketching stroke, draw in his nose, and mouth. You will also need to sketch the detailing and definition around the eyes, and along the cheeks, and mouth like so. Take your time and only move to step four when step three looks like the drawing you see here.   STEP 4. You can now get busy with drawing out his body starting with the shape of his neck. Aliens are thought to have long necks, and oblong shaped heads. Once that is done draw the shoulders and long arms, and then add some indents for the chest.   STEP 5. Now you can start sketching more of his arms out until they are complete, and then sketch in his hands and the rest of his torso. He isn't wearing a shirt which means his upper body is bare.   STEP 6. Sketch out the skin detailing around the neck and collar bone area, and then on his chest just like you see here. Lastly for this step, draw in the lining for his waist. The lower part of Paul's body is covered by a pair of shorts.   STEP 7. Draw in the shorts which will be slightly above the knee long, and then be sure to draw in the belt, and zipper stitching.   STEP 8. Almost done guys! Here you will sketch in the material detailing to the shorts along the zipper, and crotch area, and then draw the hem line on each leg like so.   STEP 9. Now you can finish off his body by drawing out his legs, and feet which looks a lot like human legs and feet, and draw in the top straps for the sandals or flip flops he is wearing.   STEP 10. Lastly, draw in the soles of those flip flops, and then start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one, as well as all the messy lines from sketching out the character.   STEP 11. Here is what he looks like when you are all done. Now you can color him in so when he goes home he won't look all pale. I hope you had fun drawing this character from the up coming movie Paul.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.