How to Draw Phoenix Wright

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STEP 1. Start with outlining the head, and the hair. Also add some guidelines, and ears. Then make the shoulder part, and the base of the arm and his hand.   STEP 2. Add the line under his head, which will make his chin later on. Then make the base of his suit. You can do the suit in any way you want, though I prefer to start with the big V shape.   STEP 3. Of course, we're not done with the suit yet. Add some details to his suit, stitching, folds etcetera. Don't forget to make his tie ;)   STEP 4. Now for the next step, maybe the hardest: The face. Let's start by making his eyes, and eyebrows. Also make the necessary eye details, and the nose. After that, make the mouth. Then, detail his ears, and then make the hair with all the details in it, which makes the hardest part of this step.   STEP 5. Now for the final part: His hand. Start with the thumb, because it will overlap the other fingers. After that, draw the knuckles and the fingers. Then after you drew everything that way, start detailing.   STEP 6. This should be your final result. Erase all guidelines and lines you don't need anymore, and place your autograph on it ;) You just made Phoenix Wright, Attorney at law.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.