How to Draw a Gerbil

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STEP 1. You will start this drawing lesson by making two shapes, one for the head, and the other for the body. Next, connect both shapes by drawing a chest and back line and then draw in one guideline for the face.   STEP 2. Begin sketching out the shape of the gerbil's head structure starting at the bridge of the nose, and then forehead. You will draw in the short rounded ears, and then add that little piece of fur on top of the head like so and also make sure to make the bumps for the mouth and eye.   STEP 3. Using the facial guidelines you drew in step one, you will now begin drawing out the almond shaped eye and before you color it in know that gerbils can either have ruby red colored eyes or straight black colored eyes. Sketch in some whiskers, and the hint of a nose tip, as well as the ear detailing as shown.   STEP 4. Now it's time to begin drawing out the gerbil's body. Start behind the ear, and slowly draw the neck, and arched back. You will then draw in the front of the neck and chest as well as one arm and paw or front foot.   STEP 5. Gerbils have kangaroo shaped hind legs and feet, keeping that in mind begin drawing out the hind leg, and one foot. Add in the toes like so and draw in the bottom part to the belly.   STEP 6. Lastly, draw out the other hand or paw, and then draw in the other hind leg, and foot. Sketch in the long tail and be sure to sketch out the tuft at the tip. Draw in the fur marking lines and then erase the shapes and lines you drew in step one.   STEP 7. Here is what your furry friend looks like when you are all done drawing your gerbil. I do hope you had a blast with this tutorial, now you can show everyone what you have created. Thanks guys and be sure to join me with another lesson.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.