How to Draw Zero Suit Samus

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STEP 1. This is just an example sketch on how to draw out Samus' breast shape properly. Instead of a cone shape you want to make sure that the breasts are drawn to look firm, and rounded. Almost like she is wearing a sports bra.   STEP 2. This is a diagram sketch on how the symbol should look on her breasts from a side view, and a front view.   STEP 3. Her eyes should be sketched out to have slender eyebrows, with eyes that have a serious expression. After all you are drawing Samus Aran, the main figure to Metroid. Some don't or didn't even know the person behind the armor was a girl.   STEP 4. Now let's begin our journey as we sketch or draw out Samus in her Zero Suit. Start by drawing the basic guides which is her head, and body lines. The body lines should be drawn in the pose that your figure will be standing in.   STEP 5. All you have to do here is sketch out the lower portion of her face which is the jawline, and chin. Once that is done draw the neck, and then sketch out the beginning lining for her eyes.   STEP 6. Even though she has a long straight ponytail, she still wears her hair sort of aloof in the from with a thick set of bangs, and side bangs. Sketch out her hair like you see in this step, and then add that cheek detailing line on the left side of her face. This will define her face and give her look some character traits. You can then move to step seven.   STEP 7. To make things easy I sketched out her ponytail to be thick and short, but you can draw her hair as it really looks which is long, skinny and straight. Once the hair is taken care of you can start sketching out the rest of her face starting with the eyes, and then the eyebrows. Lastly, draw out her nose, mouth or lips and add some detailing or definition to the face as well.   STEP 8. Now that the head is all drawn out, you can begin sketching out her body starting with the torso. Draw the shoulders, then her back, and then her extended arm and hand. She will be holding her Paralyzer in the very hand you need to draw. Sketch out the shape of her breasts, and then her hips and other arm and hand.   STEP 9. All you need to do here is sketch out the rest of her body which is the long shapely legs, and then her feet. When that is done draw the lining between the inner thighs that will form a V shape for the pelvic area, and then draw out her Paralyzer gun.   STEP 10. For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch in all those detailing lines that defines her Zero Suit. Be sure to add some soles at the bottom of her feet. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing and then move to step eleven.   STEP 11. Here is what Samus Aran looks like once you are all done drawing her in. Now you can grab your coloring tools to color her in to make her complete. I hope you enjoyed drawing Zero Suit Samus for one of todays lessons.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.