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STEP 1. Draw an oval shape for Chris's head and then attach it with a neck line to another round shape for the body. Add leg lines.   STEP 2. First, begin with the shape of his head. Work from the jaw and up. Believe me, it's much easier this way. Don't forget to get those ears leveled with one another. After that, work on the fluff of hair at the top.   STEP 3. It's time to work on Chris's facials. When you draw his face, be sure to keep in line with the guides since they depend majorly on how well you draw them in tune. Try to swiftly draw the circles so you can mold them into satisfying circles. Lastly, draw the ear details, nose, and mouth. Don't forget that Chris's neck is rather long with an adams apple appearing in the center, below the chin.   STEP 4. Next, it's time to work on his torso. Take your time when you proceed on drawing the details for this area of the body. I suggest drawing the collar first, then work your way down to each side of the sleeves and over coat. Take your time! Once you've got the urge to rush, you'll start seeing mistakes appear.   STEP 5. Then, add the arms. Chris's hands are large at the ends of the hands. Use a brief line for definition of the knuckles a few centimeters from the ends of the fingers.   STEP 6. Next, it's time to work on his pants. Take your time with this and work from leg to leg.   STEP 7. Lastly, draw his rather flat feet. This should be easy to achieve. Make sure you start with one foot first and then the other!   STEP 8. Clean up your guidelines, erase any mistakes, and you'll have yourself a nice pencil work! If you're completely satisfied with your drawing, ink it with Micron ink pens. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for viewing! Until next time.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.