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STEP 1. This is a sketch of three pairs of different style jeans. The first one is a flared style, the second is a straight leg, and the third is a boot-cut fashion.   STEP 2. Here I just point out how when you draw jeans, some styles have creases or folds at the knee and the bottom of the pants hem should almost look like the material is collapsing on one another.   STEP 3. This final rough sketch is basically showing you some details that you should draw on your jeans to really make them pop. The first arrow is showing you the lining for the back pocket, the second arrow is showing you the crease or stitch line that runs down the length of the leg, and the third arrow shows how you should draw a pocket line.   STEP 4. Now let's get started. Draw out the guidelines for the legs position or pose.   STEP 5. You will use the guidelines to sketch out the first leg which in this case belongs to a girl which means it is very shapely looking.   STEP 6. Draw out the other leg and crotch area like so and be sure to make them both touch each other.   STEP 7. Here is where you will start sketching in the detailing. I drew in a belt because almost everyone wears a belt with their skinny jeans. Next, draw the stitch lines along the legs, and then add some details to the top part of the pants as well.   STEP 8. Now all you have to do to finish off your jeans tutorial, is sketch in some folds at the knee. Add last minute detailing at the crotch and then erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 9. This is how your jeans should look when you are done with the lesson. Color them in and put them on one of your favorite characters. Thanks for joining me guys for another fun filled lesson.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.