How to Draw Betrayal

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STEP 1. You will begin like always, make the guides for the head, body and limbs. A small circle for the head, then ad the egg shaped body, limbs and move to step two.   STEP 2. You will sketch out the shape of the face which is looking upward as the figure screams from anguish. The chin and jaw lining should be prominent.   STEP 3. Up next, you will begin sketching out the face starting with the bulging eyes. Add the nostrils for the nose, draw the mouth and then the teeth. There is saliva dripping from the corners of the mouth and chin so be sure to add that in as well. Add the frown lines to the face, and any other detailing for expressive features.   STEP 4. Here you will begin drawing the back part of the head, then color in some of the thick hair. Draw the first hand which looks a bit mutated, then draw some of the neck.   STEP 5. Draw the entire image of a left arm with a deformed elbow. Add some shading and then sketch in all the scuff marks, cuts, and stitches. This should be a detailed arm that is reaching up and around the neck to choke the figure. Since suffocation is another reaction to being betrayed, that is what I am showcasing here.   STEP 6. Draw in the other arm and hand but this time the shoulder of the arm is coming from the base of the neck. The lining should be thicker, darker, and more bold. Add definition to the arm for the toned muscles.   STEP 7. Now sketch out the body which is nicely shaped and curvy. Add shading around where the hands are, and more texture definition. Draw chest muscles and chest detailing.   STEP 8. Here you will draw muscle tissue that stretches down the neck in a very thick, wide formation. There should also be shading for added intensity. Draw small pit detailing to the left as well.   STEP 9. Here you will sketch in intense definition and detailing to the figures body. Start with the stitched seam down the center of the torso, draw the staple like stitches, and then add some scares, cuts, and skin abrasions. Take your time so this part of the body comes out looking dramatic.   STEP 10. Here you will draw in the much larger arms that are stretched over the head as it grapples the skull in a sheer panic and stressful manner. Add toning to the arms until you get that drastic, dramatic look.   STEP 11. Now you will take your time as you sketch out all the marks on the arms. This includes cuts, exposed muscle tissue, shading under the pits, and even some welts.   STEP 12. Draw more arms at the base of the body. These arms are almost wrapped around the base of the torso like you see here.   STEP 13. Sketch in all the definition and detailing. As you can see there is guts, gore and a whole lot more. Add shading, definition to the arms, and marks all over the arms.   STEP 14. Lastly, draw and color in the length of the hair and add some shading under the chin. Erase all the mistakes and you are all done.   STEP 15. Here is how the concept looks when you are finished. Now you can color in this drawing and show off your work.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15.