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STEP 1. so this is the basics for the figure start with two rectangles at the top of the page, one need to be slightly bigger then the other as his heads at an angle. now draw a line for the neck and two over lapping circles for the body. finally add the line for the tail   STEP 2. now start adding in the basic shape of the body. start with the head as thats the main part of this drawing. if you use the 1st rectangle as the nose and chin and the second as the eye and jaw line then it easy to create the head shape.   STEP 3. now add the outline for the jaw and give the legs and arms more shape so it makes them look more realistic. also add the banner that falls down in front of it as this will complete the scene   STEP 4. now it just a case of adding the detail to the figure. this part wont take very long. just make the teeth big n scary but make the eye small and you've got one mean looking t-rex   STEP 5. now all taht is need is to go over the image and rub the pencil lines out.   STEP 6. and this is sort of the rough shading style if you want to make it look really good. thanks for viewing hope you liked my tutorial   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.