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STEP 1. First off, a small tip on eyes. 'Emo' culture is probably the leading market for eyeliner. So don't worry about going overboard. Male and females are known to wear a lot of dark makeup around their eyes because it makes them pop more. Shown here are 3 of the variations possible. Full lashes with all around eyeliner, bottom heavy eyeliner, and top heavy with extra mascara.   STEP 2. Piercings are a big thing. Here are a few that you can get that look pretty great with the 'emo' look. There are, of course, more combinations and more piercings that you can get, so go have a look on google.   STEP 3. HAIR. One of the biggest factors in emo culture. Shown here are a few of the fringes i really like. 1) The heavy straight fringe. You can see how far back it starts from the red dot. Its usually cut dead straight at the eyebrows or top of the eye. 2) 'The emo fringe'. Possibly the most recognised style. Simply a normal fringe swept to the side. It doesn't start that far back either. 3) 'The scene fringe'. A mixture of 1 and 2. Its a side fringe that starts a long way back. Usually, the rest of the hair is very choppy and layered.   STEP 4. Lets start a picture shall we? Draw out your basic skeleton. I use little points to show the joints, but this isnt really compulsory.   STEP 5. Flesh out the base. as you can see shes twisted at a very unusual angle. This gives the feeling of her being quite flexible or double jointed. Also, theres a certain feeling of androgyny in this style, so im giving her quite a boyish shape, with fairly straight lines as opposed to the usual curvy ones.   STEP 6. Do the face and hair. As you can see i used two lip rings, a nose stud, a curly earring, type 1 eyes (from step 1) and type 3 hair (from step 3).   STEP 7. Lets give her some arms and a top. The key to making a really cute emo girl is simplicity. A plain dark t-shirt works. Alternatively, you could use a hoodie. I erased the parts of the eye under the fringe, since its very heavy.   STEP 8. Now some pants would be a good idea. skintight jeans work great. Just follow the leg guides and add some folds where the joints are. Put in some pockets and the seams at the sides and voila! You have skinnies.   STEP 9. Accessories are a good way to make that plain outfit look a little bit more interesting. While the base clothes are simple, dont worry about giving them some fun extras. Ive added stripy arm warmers here. Stripes always look good with this type of fashion.   STEP 10. Finally, erase the parts of the body showing under the accessories (like the belts). I added a nice pair of thick rimmed glasses, which are very typical in this particular style. I find they make her look slightly girlier. Colour her in (in this case i stuck to monochrome). Greys, usually dark, with a small splash of colour works.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.