How to Draw a Female Body

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STEP 1. First off, lets break the body down into really basic shapes. As you can see the female guide is made mostly of triangles and the male is squares. A womans body has more curves and dips than a mans, which at its most basic level, goes straight down. Her hips are usually about the same width as her shoulders.   STEP 2. Here you can see the frame for legs. once again, the male is much more straight than the female. They both go in at the knees, but the womans has a curve.   STEP 3. Boob ball. Get the laughs and giggles out the way. Done? Good. The boob ball is a good way to learn to draw the different angles for breasts. Imagine you have a ball, with who other ones smooshed on to it. This example shows 3 of the angles. Notice how the shape changes.   STEP 4. Here are the differences in the base shapes for male/female. The hip to waist ratio is the most obviously different. Her back has a rather large curve, where as his is less extreme. Next is the hip shape. While the mans is a rectangle, the females is sort of like a cut out of a circle. Her center (the ball for her stomach) is smaller and placed higher than on the male. A womans torso is smaller than a mans, and her legs tend to be longer. This can vary of course. All movement is based around that ball.   STEP 5. As said above, all movement should be anchored at her center. Shown here is different ways to move her body without actually changing the position of the ball. The first is dead straight. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a natural standing pose. The one below it feels much more comfortable, with the ribs and hips slightly back. Her center of gravity is balanced that way.   STEP 6. Lets try a basic front pose. Start with the skeletal guides. Notice the width of the hips compared to the shoulders. They're a bit out of proportion, so we can expand the hips in the next step. Mark the joints if it helps. The body is usually 7-9 heads tall. This is a good way to measure.   STEP 7. Draw out the basic shapes. Draw the center ball first, then attach the hips to it. Add in the chest and limbs. I like to give the head some shape in this step. I draw the boobs like two tear shapes. While most people use circles, i found that the muscle actually stops further up nearer the armpit.   STEP 8. Add in face and hair. I wont cover how to do these particularly. Just remember to make the hair work with gravity. Because her head is tilted, her hair is weighted to the side. Don't draw in the side of her hair where the hand is, because it actually interacts with the hand, so lets wait till we draw that part later.   STEP 9. Now for modesties sake, lets give her a cute little nightie. The folds are more prominent around her middle because the material sits on her hips. Its all to do with gravity.   STEP 10. Draw in the limbs. Girls generally have thinner arms than guys, and skinnier hands. While you make the knuckles very prominent in male hands, they're not as big of a focus on girls. We can now put in the rest of the hair. You cant really see her hand because her hair is over it.   STEP 11. Erase the guides and maybe give her some nice jewelery. Nearly done!   STEP 12. Finally give her some colour. Ive chosen fairly pastel colours (pale) because shes a soft, girly girl. Dark colours give off a 'sexy' appeal, and whites give a innocent feel. Experiment with different colours. All done! I hope this helped you.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.