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STEP 1. Start off with Eminem's basic guidelines. Draw a circle to represent the head, with two intersecting lines in the middle. Then draw lines to model his body. Think that you are drawing a stick figure to make it simpler.   STEP 2. Draw the outlines of his head. Notice how he has a very large head. He has shaved/short hair, so bring that to attention. Draw his left ear and sideburns.   STEP 3. Now start to draw Eminem's face. He has a more relaxed, calm, slightly bored, angry, and content look. His eyebrows are in an anger-style. Draw his mouth. His mouth is just a straight line, as he shows no emotion in his face. Use the guidelines to help position the features on his face.   STEP 4. Now begin to draw his torso. He wears a leather jacket and holds his hand out, as if trying to reach for something. Draw the folds on the jacket near the neck. Draw his undershirt, and hands. Be careful, his hand could be quite hard to draw. Begin drawing his opposite arm. It's in his pocket.   STEP 5. Now draw his pants. Notice how they are baggy? This is a typical style for rappers. draw his pocket and detail on his pants. TIP: The pants should look very loose on him so you can get the baggy pants effect. Draw his shoes. They are simple ovals, one facing toward you and one facing toward the left. Then draw his cross necklace.   STEP 6. Now you're done! Erase the guidelines and other extra lines. Color it if you wish! Now look at this! A masterpiece! We have done it, Yessir! We have drawn Chibi Eminem! I hope you all enjoyed this Tutorial!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.