How to Draw Adam Lambert

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STEP 1. For this tutorial you will need : A4 paper (portrait side) A 2B,4B,6B and 8B pencil,charcoal,eraser,sharpener,white ink,white acrylic paint. Begin by drawing the half oval shape. Keep it light using a 2B pencil. I've added measurements if you need them, make sure you keep the box light though and rub it out straight away when you've drawn the oval shape.   STEP 2. Now to add the dividing line and middle line. Try to copy were i put mine as closely as you can and keep them light!   STEP 3. This is were we change the shape of the face to suit his perfectly. We also need to add the hairline, which in his case is very low. Once again try to mimic my diagram as much as you can. You'll notice three red lines. The bottom one and the side one would be the new shape of his face (remember to rub out the other line before you continue). Then it's time to draw his hairline. Keep it light and don't worry if it doesn't end up right, you can always change it later!   STEP 4. Once you'd changed his face shape it'll be time to add the eyebrow and eye lines. The eye line is already done (centre line) so just label this "A" and "B". You now need to add the eyebrow line which from my calculations is placed just before the face begins to turn. Label this "C" and "D".   STEP 5. Now that you have the eyebrow and eye lines done you can now proceed to draw both. As you can see the middle line cuts through the middle of the pupil and the top line cuts through the top of the eyebrow. Try to make sure it cuts at the same places as my diagram does.   STEP 6. You may now rub out both the eye and eyebrow lines before proceeding to the next step. Next we add the mouth,nose and ear lines. The mouth line we can do first, i've labeled this "E" and "F". The nose and ear line we label "G" and "H". Only label it if it will help you, this is not a necessity.   STEP 7. From the two previous lines you just drew you can now use these as a stencil for drawing the mouth,nose and edge of his ear. As you can see from the diagram his nose touches the top line and his mouth cuts through the bottom line. Also make sure the top line touches the bottom of his ear. You may rub out these two lines when your finished.   STEP 8. You've now drawn the outline of the face and are nearly halfway their! Now its time to add his neck, hair, top and necklace. Keep it light and only do the details loosely like i did in the diagram.   STEP 9. Its nearly time for shading his face. I find that it makes it easier if i mark were the lighter parts and darker parts will be before beginning. You don't have to draw these on, you could always just use them as a reference from my diagram. The red marks = lighter parts and the blue marks = darker parts.   STEP 10. TONAL TIP 1 - The first box is a shading exercise for beginners. Its called a "grey scale" box. Draw a row of squares, not too big. Leave the first one blank and the second one shaded as lightly as possible. As you proceed along go heavier and heavier until eventually the last square is black. The second box is for amateur drawers, this also requires the most control. Try to copy each box as closely as possible.   STEP 11. TONAL TIP 2 - For this shading exercise i've included a number of boxes which have different ways of shading in each. I've labeled each box so you can see how to achieve them. Try to copy each box as closely as possible.   STEP 12. This is how he appears without all the guidelines. It's extremely light (I darkened it with photo editor)so don't make it this dark!. Compare it to your own and try to fix any areas your not sure of before beginning the darker shading.   STEP 13. Now your going to need your darker pencils (4B,6B,8B) and a charcoal stick. Now the fun part begins! So go along light with your charcoal stick and build in the darker parts (cheekbones,neck,eyes,eyebrows,hair) then go back over them with your 4B pencil. At the moment the hair just needs going over with the charcoal stick, blend it in roughly as we'll be going back over the hair again in a minute.   STEP 14. Now all you'll need is your 4B,6B,8B pencil and charcoal. As you can see all of the shadows have been deepened and he's beginning to come to life! Also his hair has been went over with pencil (remember to shade it in by drawing the hair). Don't just put the color straight on really dark,make sure you build it up gradually. Use you Q-tip to blend the shading or like me the old fashioned way (smudge with your thumb) Your nearly finished now and it's really coming on!   STEP 15. Now just go in with the eraser and lighten his jacket and hair like i did, do it rough if you like as you can always just go over it with charcoal and we'll be fixing it in the next step.   STEP 16. You won't notice much difference between the previous example and this one but actually this is the most important step! This is were we go back in and add light to parts of his face to give him more character. You may use white ink,acrylic paint or just your eraser. Look back over to step 9 to remind yourself were the light hits his face. Go back over his pupils and dot them with the white ink. The go back over his face with the eraser and in circular motions bring in the light patches then blend it back into the darker parts. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i'm sure yours in even better then mine, good work! :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.