How to Draw Chibi Mewtwo, Mewtwo

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STEP 1. Folks, before we begin you might want to consider tracing over a cup or any other circular object to create the circle presented in this tutorial. If you'd like, print out this step and trace it onto your paper. Keep everything else drawn by yourself though.   STEP 2. Then, work on the shape of the face, from right to left. Typically, you should start with the right of the face so you can the rest of the half evenly. Make sure you get those forms at each corner of his head just the right size.   STEP 3. Then work on he eyes, again, working from right to left. Keep the pupil lining thinner than the initial lines of the outer eye rims. Lastly, add two good sized nostrils to finally create Mewtwo's face.   STEP 4. Next, let's work on the shoulders and forearms for our chibi Mewtwo. See how cool he looks already? Make sure you draw dark, shapely lines for the outsides of his arms. Remember, we're working slowly at a time.   STEP 5. To complete the torso area, add a stomach cap, fingers, which at each tip, shapes into a circle. This may be challenging, since each round shape has to be EXACTLY the same. I spent a while on it myself.   STEP 6. Now, we will start shaping up the legs and feet. Start with the shapes of the knees, and work your way downwards on the two balls at each ankle. Finish by sketching the first toe of chibi Mewtwo's foot.   STEP 7. Finish the feet and add he tail, afterwards, we are finally done!   STEP 8. Clean up your lines, ink this character (but take your time!), and you should have a final - polished drawing of chibi Mewtwo. I hope you've quenched your thirst for Mewtwo by following this tutorial. I thank you so much for viewing, but, don't forget to submit your renditions to the site, and I'll have a look!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.