How to Draw an Eastern Dragon

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STEP 1. Ok folks, let's start with the main guidelines for our Eastern dragon. In this case, the dragon head has lots of details included, with cool features that make this creature oriental and cartoon-like. If pleased, trace around a circular object to get a perfected circle. Use a smaller object to repeat the process with the snout.   STEP 2. Next, we'ere going to work on teh brows and upper lids to complete the look of the forehead. Take your time, rushing will only enhance mistake creations.   STEP 3. Then, let's work on the inner eye details and the beginning of the snout. Use thick line quality for the lashes as well as the lower edges of the cheekbones. Remember, keep line weight variations to capture attention.   STEP 4. Start working at the very tip of the snout, adding the nostril edges and massive canine teeth. All eastern dragons have either four or two teeth that curl out of the mouth. These are normally seen at the front of the mouth or at the end of the jaw. Take your time, and keep in mind that the lower jaw needs to be fluffed for the beard.   STEP 5. Let's work on the beard. The beard can vary lengths, but because this is a female oriental dragon, she will have a shorter beard. Work on the eye and the earring to enhance the origins of the creature. Don't ever forget the whiskers; these too vary in lengths, depending on the age of your Eastern dragon.   STEP 6. Now, we will start shaping up the crest and hair. The crest will have a few loopy hairs that curl at the front. It will then curve into long strands of hair, starting sharp edged and smoothing out once it gets to the center of the neck.   STEP 7. Next, work on the neck. See how we're creating an appearance that the dragon is turning it's head from the back, seeming as if it's being bothered? Maybe you're too naughty and disturbing the ancient ways? When you draw the horns, keep variety within them, having various sprouts.   STEP 8. Lastly, finish off the crest and scales for this dragon. Sketch in the underbelly pattern and you're totally complete!   STEP 9. Tweak your lines, make sure everything is in order, and you should have something similar. Remember what I said about line weights, this can be achievable by using various sized Micron inking pens. They vary in size and it's perfect for vector type arts, such as this. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.