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STEP 1. Ok, let's start off by drawing the basic skeleton guide lines. Start with a large sphere for the chest, followed by the head shape and the lower torso. From there, draw the arm and leg bones, and the basic shape of the hands and feet. Mark the location of the kneecaps.   STEP 2. These are the guide lines for Duke's belt and chest straps, which contain a lot of pouches and some bullets.   STEP 3. Duke's gear is probably the most complex part of this drawing. Since it overlays the chest and pelvis, we're going to draw the straps and belt first. This always makes things easier in the long run. To begin, we'll place six bullets horizontally on Duke's chest straps.   STEP 4. Here we're adding the pouches that hang below the bullets, and the pads that wrap over Duke's shoulder/trapezius area. Take a rectangular notch out of these shapes to leave room for the smaller connecting straps and buckles.   STEP 5. There's a thin strap or belt that wraps over the shoulder pads and goes down the chest to connect to the belt. We want to draw a section of that on the shoulder pad, leaving gaps for the buckles. Continue those straps downward, behind the bullets and pouches. At this point we can also draw the buckles and straps on those pouches.   STEP 6. Starting from the top, let's draw the buckles that attach the strap to the shoulder pads. Next comes the leather loops that hold the bullets in place. Further down, we can continue drawing the straps toward the belt line.   STEP 7. Duke's belt buckle is circular, but squashed a bit from top to bottom. There are pouches on either side, and we'll draw those like the ones on the chest -- just a bit shorter and wider. Leave the notch for the buckle and strap. We can draw the belt wrapping around Duke's side, ending with another pouch.   STEP 8. Here we draw the buckles and straps on the front pouches. We can also fill in the design on Duke's belt buckle, which is the nuclear/radioactivity symbol. At this point we can start adding detail to Duke's gear. Let's indicate the seem lines on the belt and straps, and add wrinkles to the pouches. Draw some scratches on the bullets.   STEP 9. More detail on Duke's gear. We're basically just drawing broken lines inside the main leather shapes to indicate seem and stitching. We can also add some texture to the straps and some extra scratches and wrinkles to the pouches.   STEP 10. With the gear done, we can almost move on to the body... but first we'll add Duke's signature pair of sunglasses. Add a little highlight to the lenses to add some dimension.   STEP 11. To start the face, we'll draw the jagged hair line to outline the forehead. Draw the squared chin and then the sides of the face. Duke's jaw line is also very squared. We can slap his eyebrows on at this point, too. They rest right on the top of the sunglasses.   STEP 12. Here we'll draw the main facial features. I just want to point out the curl on the sides of the nose, and the curvy lines of Duke's smirk. He seems rather pleased with himself. The wrinkles of the face will wrap around these lines.   STEP 13. Let's finish up the outline of the head by drawing the outer edge of the hair. The top of Duke's hair is flat when viewed straight on. Since his head is tilted downward a bit here, the hair looks more rounded in the back. By drawing an opposing curve toward the hairline, we can show the cake-like shape of his hair. Draw lines from behind the ears down toward the chest for Duke's neck and trapezius.   STEP 14. Here we'll start by adding details to the hair and face. This includes the lower lip and wrinkles around Duke's smirk, as well as some forehead wrinkles. For the hair, use longer lines to indicate the long hair texture on the front and sides, and short dashes for the texture on top. Now we'll also start drawing the upper body. Start with the top of the chest muscles and indicate some neck muscles. Wrap the shoulders around the skeleton guide lines, and continue downward with the large muscles of the upper arms.   STEP 15. Continue the arms downward, using large curves to outline Duke's bulging muscles. You don't have to outline each muscle completely. Instead, use a series of short dashes to indicate the edge of the muscles inside the arm. Finish up by drawing Duke's side muscles, with some wrinkles on the t-shirt he's wearing.   STEP 16. We're going to start drawing the hands now. Duke's wearing fingerless gloves with wrist straps. He's also going to be holding some stuff, so that complicates things a bit. The left hand is pretty standard, but the right will be holding a gun. We'll draw it almost like a fist, but with the fingers just sitting further away from the palm. We can draw the hilt of the gun here.   STEP 17. In Duke's left hand is a cigar. Don't smoke, kids. Actually, you don't inhale cigar smoke, so you won't get lung cancer... just mouth cancer. Anyway, I drew Duke's gun in just one step here. It's actually a lot simpler than it looks. Dawn's done some good tutorials on handguns here on DragoArt, so be sure to check those out.   STEP 18. Now we'll detail up Duke's gloves. We have the standard seem lines and stitching, but the fun part is the nuclear symbol on the back of the hand. Try to use a circle template or ellipse tool to lay this symbol out. I did it freehand the first time around and it looked pretty bad. It was worth the time to go back and do it properly. Anyway, go ahead and add the wrist buckle and the wrapping detail on the cigar.   STEP 19. Duke's outfit is pretty basic, when you think about it. He's just a guy in a shirt and jeans, with a little bit of gear. The big, black collar on his shirt is a cool graphic element, though. It almost changes the shirt into a costume. For the chest muscles, it's the same as on the arms. Don't just outline every muscle. Indicate them. Since there's clothing involved, use folds and shadows to indicate those muscles. Less is probably more in this case. A perfect six-pack won't show through a baggy shirt, so just keep that in mind.   STEP 20. Heading toward the finish line, let's draw the "V" of the crotch and the outline of the legs, indicating the bulge of the knees. Use smooth curves on the thighs, and more jagged lines as you reach the ankles. The denim will be bunched up a bit on top of the shoe.   STEP 21. Envision the fabric wrapping over the top of the shoes. Draw in these curves, and finish the rest of the outline using overlapping curves/folds. With both pant legs outlined, use the outer shapes to find wrinklies within the leg. Fabric can be tricky, but if you observe people wearing pants (without staring too much), you'll be able to figure out how the fabric hangs and where the different types of wrinkles tend to appear.   STEP 22. I'm not a big fan of drawing fabric, but I enjoy drawing seems for some reason. On jeans especially, drawing the seems really adds a lot to the drawing, and gives a sense of dimension to an otherwise flat shape. Be sure to "wrinkle" the seem as you draw it down the side of the leg. This will make your folds even more believable. Don't forget to indicate the fly and pockets, when applicable.   STEP 23. We're in the final stretch. Beneath the pant leg, outline the strap on top of Duke's boots. Then go ahead and draw the front section of said boots. There's a nice curve on the top of bottom, and the toe of each boot is squared off.   STEP 24. There's a small strap and buckle on the side of Duke's boots. Behind that, draw the heel. Outline the rubber soles and add some detail on the toe of the boots to show some dimension. To wrap it up, draw in some smoke trailing from the tip of the cigar, to annoy everyone in the vicinity.   STEP 25. And there you have the finished line art. This guy's a little tougher to draw than one might expect, but the results are pretty cool. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know what you think and if there are any other video game characters you'd like to see me tackle. Thanks for viewing, and get to drawing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19. Step 20. Step 21. Step 22. Step 23. Step 24. Step 25.