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STEP 1. Firstly, here are an assassin man, and an assassin woman with a little anatomy tip. You see, their bodies doesn't looks like same, because the man's body is like a cup (the top is more wide than the under part). His body is narrow from top to under. But a woman's body is like an hour-glass form. They are have muscle body, but not with too much muscle. Assassins need a flexible body too.   STEP 2. Now you see the assassin in action poses. When you draw him (or her) you need know for the picture the environment (like in the second pose from right, when he jump across the wall) and the move (like when he hurtle), that you can draw him in a more expressive pose.   STEP 3. Assassins needs more secret and mystery about their personality, so they are need hood or mask, or both of them. This picture help for you, that you can see some example for the hood, and for the mystery of your assassin figure. (But you always must have logical thinking, because the fourth variation is looks like cool, but when the assassin is fight, he has a blind spot for his left side. But if he hasn't got left eye, this design is okay for the hood.)   STEP 4. Some clothes design for example. The first is what you saw in the Step1. The second design have more armour, but in the third variation, the primary stress on the under part. The fourth design is more fitting to their body, and more manly for the woman design too. The clothes desing is your choice, you are don't have end in your fantasy and creativity.   STEP 5. Assassins are theirself is a weapon too, but they are have a lot of weapon type too, what are hidden in their clothes. You see, their whole body is full of weapon place, like in the belt, or their back, and their gloves. If your assassin figure is a women maybe she has got more womanly weapon like the 5. weapon the knife fan, or their have got more extrem weapon like the 7.   STEP 6. Okay, start the "How to..." part of the tutorial. Draw the human base with only lines and the main points.   STEP 7. You can draw now the second base of human, with more details. You need decompose the body form to geometric planes, it's make easier your drawing.   STEP 8. Start from the top, draw the head. 1.Draw the shape of his face and starting the front hood line (because he doesn't have hair in this picture). 2. The next step is the top eyelids, and some details on his neck 3. Finish the eyes, and draw the eyeballs and finish the nose too. 4. Draw the mask's details. 5. Draw the hood's base form. 6. And finally, you can draw the details of the hood.   STEP 9. Now go to the top of body. Draw shoulder part of the clothes.   STEP 10. Draw the details of shoulder part. It isn't high to draw, don't worry.   STEP 11. Draw the top of his clothes. It's only a base form for the clothes.   STEP 12. Then now, draw details to the top of clothes, and now we see the form of his body, and the plait of sleeves.   STEP 13. The next is the wide belt. It's just a simple variation of assassin's clothes, but if you want, you can draw with weapons too, as you saw in the Step5. (In the first picture.)   STEP 14. Draw details for the belt. As i write in the previous step, you can give more weapon for his belt, but i just draw a simple motive.   STEP 15. Draw base form of the gloves with their buckles part.   STEP 16. Now, you can add more details for the gloves, and now, these gloves looks like more cooler than if they stay simple glooves.   STEP 17. Draw the base form of the weapons, and you need to know, that generally the weapon's edge is arched.   STEP 18. Draw some details to the weapons, but the "difficult' part ot these is the hilt (But fortunately hands are hide this part).   STEP 19. Now the lower part of his body. Firstly, you need start to draw the continuation of the clothes on the top (this is the lower part of this clothes).   STEP 20. Draw the details for the clothes. It's just a little ray, the only thing, what you need to know, that you must follow the area of clothes, plane and form of the legs.   STEP 21. And the last part are the legs. You don't see too much from the base form of legs, because the clothes is hide them, so it's just a little part of the figure.   STEP 22. Draw the details for the legs and for the boots. The design of boots is your choice.   STEP 23. Your own assassin figure is done, now color his as you want! After that everything is your choice. I really like draw this figure with you, i hope, you too! Great work guys!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19. Step 20. Step 21. Step 22. Step 23.