How to Draw a Zombie Tattoo, Zombie Tattoo

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STEP 1. Start with the basic guideline build for your Zombie tattoo. Begin with drawing the guides for the circle first, then the jawline guides. Take your time, and the next set of steps will totally depend on how accurate/well the guides were drawn. Don't rush with this process and use a few tools to draw the lines. I'd recommend drawing the circle by tracing around a circular object and quickly draw the curved lines. DRAW YOUR GUIDES LIGHTLY!   STEP 2. Alrighty, let's begin with the shape for this zombie tattoo. Start drawing the outer shape for the skull, ear, and brow lines for the right side. Take your time, and stray from rushing, you don't want to get frustrated and mess up. I know this type of drawing can be tedious work, so please be patient!   STEP 3. Next, we will work on the facials for the zombie, slowly working from the top to the bottom end. Take your time and draw the sockets and brows of the eyes first, then the nose. Keep in mind to vary your line weights to add interest and variety in your drawing. You can simply do this by using a variety of black marker widths or Micron pens. Remember to take your time, and keep the nose smaller than the eyes to retrieve a deadly, scary look!   STEP 4. Then, time to work on the jaws of this flesh eating beast, slowly working from the top jaw to the lower. Take your time with each tooth, keeping them in human form, with a few kinks in a few, rare spots of the teeth. The jaw should be smaller in comparison to the head so it looks rather, rotted and skeletal. This part can be tedious work, but if you drew the guides right, it would be much easier ;)   STEP 5. Let's work on the eyes first, before we move onto detailing the jaws and cheeks. Keep variety in the line weights! Make a few parts darker, depending on the light source you're drawing this in. Take your time, refrain from rushing. Use lighter lines for intense detailing.   STEP 6. Then, we shall work on the twisted and intensified neck for the zombie to look even more deadly, as if he were about to attack. Keep the outside lines thick in line weight, as well as the sectioned parts of the neck detailing. Later, we will add lighter lines to spice up with more details.   STEP 7. Lastly, we will add details, by varying our line weights. Using very dark spots for the under space where the neck meets the head. Add dark spots where there is intense shadows. This is a skill learned by practicing with light source.   STEP 8. By detailing a few more specks on this guy, using textured spots and etchy lines, you'll have an epic, cannibal ready to strike even the toughest of badaces. I really hope you've enjoyed this tut on drawing a Zombie Tattoo, as much as I had creating this fiend. With inspiration of tons of music, you should mend well. My choices were Tool and Rob Zombie. Peace out!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.