How to Draw Glowing Eyes

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STEP 1. Before we start, you're going to need an eye to colour! So step number one is, quite simply, draw an eye.   STEP 2. so now that you've got an eye, choose a base colour. For this I've used a yellow but you can use whatever colour you want. Create a layer underneath the line art of the eye and apply the colour.   STEP 3. start shading the coloured part. I turned the orange colour I'd originally used down to a red on the colour wheel and applied it in different shades to the eye and then smudged it with the smudge tool (the little hand with the pointed finger) If you're using a different colour then just use either a darker or richer version of the colour you're using and do the same.   STEP 4. Lighten up the colour you used as a base colour and rim it around the eye. use a soft brush and smudge it.   STEP 5. Take the colour you used for shading. Lighten that up and apply it thinly around the rim again, making sure you can still see the yellow. Use a soft brush and smudge it where needed.   STEP 6. Take your base colour and lighten it (this is going to be repetative XD) and apply it on the white of the eye. Only apply it where the yellow and orange are in the eye and outside of it. Again, use a soft brush and smudge it.   STEP 7. Take the colour you've used for shading and apply it thinly following the partern you used on step 6. Make sure that the yellow/ your base colour is dominant. Apply more of your base colour underneath the eye. It is important that you remember that instead of using just a white tinted highlight for the bits of your face near your eyes you tint it with the colour of your eye. You can see me doing this on this step near the nose :D   STEP 8. You've finished this glowing eye now. If you want you can rub out and smudge some of the hard black lines around the inside of the eye so it looks like the colour is overpowering it (that's what's shown here). Now just apply a white highlight using a soft brush and your done!   STEP 9. Okay, so this is the second part of the tutorial. The flaming eye :D Start at step one but erase the inside of the eye, the pupil and the iris. After you've done that just colour in your full eye yellow. Or whatever colour you want your flame to be. For this type of eye you must create a layer on top of the linear of the eye.   STEP 10. Apply different tones in kind of a swirly motion with a soft brush. With a base of yellow I used different tones of orange. Blend these in but at this point it doesn't realy matter how smooth you smudging is.   STEP 11. On this step you can be as messy as you want. ANDANDAND you can use a hard brush! Exciting, aint it? :P just draw alot of squiggles in the motion you want your flames to go.   STEP 12. Finaly, just smudge the squigles. neaten up what you've done so far, add a few highlights on the face and you will be finished. Hope my tutroial helped! don't forget to vote and comment!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.