How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain

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How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 2

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 3

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How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 7

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How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 9

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 10

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 11

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 12

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 13

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 14

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 15

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 16

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 17

How to Draw Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain 18

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STEP 1. Start out with your oval the same way in this picture within the frame. Draw lightly with a No.2, not a hard numbered pencil. Stay close to the shape because it is not a perfect "upside-down" egg shape.   STEP 2. Draw in the bisecting line to help with Kurt's symmetrical features.   STEP 3. Now draw in the crescent lines lightly.   STEP 4. Lines a. through d. are great guidelines for: a. the eyebrows, b. the eyes, c. the nose, and last but not least, d. the mouth.   STEP 5. Now draw in the eyes and the nose.   STEP 6. It looks like Kurt is shaping up more. You can now put in the eyebrow placement. The left eyebrow, facing us, will be shaded over. The placements keeps you in mind as to where his features are. Continue to lightly sketch in his nostrils & bottom of nose, lips, chin definitions, and neck placement.   STEP 7. This picture reminds me of "Paint by Numbers." Don't panic about how many lines to add. Relax and get into the rhythm of drawing. It's therapeutic. You have no need to hurry. Try to make time out of your schedule to do this sketch so you will not be pressured. Look closely at his hair and see where the lines fall in relationship to the crescent and face guidelines and draw the feathery hair strands. Shade his eyebrows and eyes. (He's got eye makeup on--don't be shy!) Observe the line angles of his beard and follow that. It will be the basis for the hair studs or scruff. The right side of his neck placement needs to be erased, draw the lines to his turtleneck. Now you can complete his shoulder and lapels. Fantastic job! Erase and sketch as much as you want because each line draws you closer to accuracy.   STEP 8. You can erase and/or blend in your guidelines. Here is the outline of Kurt Cobain. If you want to go further, there are more treats in store that are significant.   STEP 9. This is where your skills will kick in. And if you're brand new to shading like this, you'll find your picture has more depth. I left the right lapel unshaded to show the corduroy lines of his jacket's fabric. That is setting a foundation for the texture of this jacket. Also notice the left lapel and beneath--I left that undone, as well.   STEP 10. In this picture, you can see more shading on the lapel areas. Even now the jacket is forming to look more real. Also I have shaded with my Monolith Graphite pencil. Can you still see the strokes within the dark areas? Well, looking at my reference photo, I notice those sketchy marks aren't there and I want to achieve that dark smooth look. How do I do it? Right after some other tips coming up in the next steps, you will see what I use to produce that effect.   STEP 11. For your reference, here are the types of pencils I use. Also take a look at tone, shading and texture and see how they can affect your drawing.   STEP 12. This picture you can see how you hold a pencil. Overhand is for fine detail or writing. And Underhand is for large coverage like shading. Practice stroking by starting out dark then lift your pencil slightly to give lighter tones.   STEP 13. Click on this picture to see how tone, shading, texture and reflective light works.   STEP 14. Take a close look at this picture for some tips on highlights! I've always wondered how seasoned artists make those stray hair strands so well and so realistically. My next step will tell you how. Also I have that great tip on darkening an area coming up.   STEP 15. Make sure you click on this picture with the paint tube. I got a really neat technique for you that will make drawing stray hair strands a lot simpler. Finally, find out how I darkened Kurt's jacket lapels in the next step!   STEP 16. I had to do this for you. You probably wonder how in the world did I get Kurt's jacket so jet black. I had help with the 9B Graphite Crayon (it's a little waxy-shiny) and it does a great job. This little tool is BIG. Check out the size comparison to my other 9B Monolith Pencil (which I've almost used to the nub). And look at the difference in their shading. Wow! Big difference. If you want to go jet black and shade super fast, pick up that Graphite Crayon at your nearest art store.   STEP 17. This picture shows the blended effect. Take some tissue paper (this works best for me), rub softly on his skin area. If you want to keep his tone even, don't use the smudged dark area on the tissue because it can lay down more graphite. I use the tissue also on the DARKENED part of his lapel. I go very lightly over the lined part of his jacket. This is done as not to blur out the lines. If you just take the tissue and rub hard everywhere, you'll lose the line definitions of your drawing. Everything will blur together and you will have to re-draw. I use a tortillon or blending stump to shadow the hair strands and bring in more defined shading in the lapel lines. These blending tools give a softer or blurred line to mimic realism better. TIP: I sometimes rub my tortillon on my graphite crayon and do more shading in detailed areas.   STEP 18. Look at that rich black! That's what the 9B Graphite Crayon will do. Observe the difference in the hair shading-very light isn't it. And the left lapel still isn't matching my reference pic. Also I did not draw and shade in those complex, mind boggling stray hair strands. And I wasn't going to take all day to erase the hair strands in. Yes, I reach out for my trusty white acrylic to save the day.   STEP 19. My friend, if you stayed with me this long and drew him, I tip my hat off to you. Your patience, diligence, and hard earned work has paid off. This picture is your creation whether it's a new version of Kurt Cobain or it looks like this picture. You have learned a lot and can apply it to other drawings you make. I hope I've been helpful to you and that you had some fun. Please let me know how your masterpiece turned out. I love to fav, comment, and vote on my peeps artwork from my tutorials! LOVE AND PEACE OUT!!! *blowkiss*   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19.